High Schools with the Avon Maitland District School Board

Central Huron Secondary School

CHSS is centrally located in Clinton, Ontario – a mid-sized town. CHSS is known for its powerful Communications Technology program which focuses on video production, web design, photography and all things hi-tech. CHSS is a safe, vibrant school community which values mutual respect and active citizenship. Staff and students learn together through a variety of relevant experiences in the classroom and through extracurricular activities.

F.E. Madill School

F.E. Madill School is a grade 7-12 school which provides a positive learning environment fostering high standards in academic and co-curricular pursuits. The school, in partnership with the community, values creativity, mutual respect, fairness, trust and good citizenship. Our school goal is to maximize success for all of our students. The wide variety of courses offered at F. E. Madill will provide you with the academic foundation for any of the four possible pathways you choose when you leave secondary school: apprenticeship, university, college and work. The F.E. Madill Mustangs are a sports powerhouse. With some of the best facilities in Western Ontario, the Mustangs often perform well at the local level as well as at provincial championships.

Goderich District Collegiate Institute

GDCI is located on the coast of Lake Huron in the town of Goderich, Ontario, one of the larger small communities in the region with a population of just over 8,500. Students and staff at the Goderich District Collegiate Institute are very proud of our history of excellence. At G.D.C.I., we provide students with many opportunities to excel both inside and outside the classroom. We provide our students with a full range of educational programs.

Each department provides an interesting variety of courses for students to explore. Our graduates have a high degree of literacy and numeracy, and are knowledgeable about their culture and the world in which they live. G.D.C.I. offers a wide variety of co-curricular programs in areas such as sports, drama, music, as well as clubs and community service activities. Students are encouraged to grow and develop personal skills through their involvement in these programs.

Our aim at G.D.C.I. is to build an inclusive, quality educational community, committed to continuous improvement and development of each individual, in a safe, compassionate environment that promotes an understanding of our global village. We value all destinations: Apprenticeship, College, Skilled Trades, University and Workplace.The GDCI Vikings are full of spirit and offer a wide variety of ways to get involved at school. Beyond athletics, they have many clubs including Chess, Global Village, Reach for the Top, O.S.A.I.D. and more! GDCI offers Specialist High Skills Majors in: Environment and Hospitality & Tourism.

Listowel District Secondary School

LDSS, located in the growing community of Listowel, Ontario, is the largest secondary school in the Avon Maitland District with over 1,000 students in a grade 9-12 setting. Listowel District Secondary School offers a learning environment and school community that encourages students to explore their options and discover new challenges through meeting high academic expectations and co-curricular opportunities.

Listowel District Secondary School offers a learning environment and school community that encourages students to explore their options and discover new challenges through meeting high academic expectations and co-curricular opportunities. Our mission is to Engage, Inspire, Innovate.

Whether you choose to pursue university, college, an apprenticeship or join the workforce immediately upon graduation you will find rich learning opportunities available at LDSS.

LDSS offers an excellent Special Education program which includes the Life Skills/Developmental Education Program, the Destinations Program and the Resource Program. LDSS has Specialist High Skills Majors in Manufacturing and Construction.

Mitchell District High School

We are so proud of the staff and students at Mitchell District High School. They create such a positive climate where everyone is welcomed and cherished for the unique qualities they bring to our school community. Our talented and highly qualified staff is committed to the well-being and academic achievement of every student.

You will be challenged and well supported as you develop the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the 21st century. The MDHS Blue Devils are a feisty bunch being the smallest secondary school in the district with an enrollment of 427, but they make up for their size in spirit.

MDHS has its own student run cafe, the “Twisted Carrot” as well as a student run garden. Mitchell is located about 20 kilometres north-west of Stratford and offers a Specialist High Skills Major in Hospitality & Tourism.

South Huron District High School

SHDHS is located in the quaint town of Exeter, Ontario in the Municipality of South Huron. It has an enrollment of 730. South Huron District High School has an outstanding history of excellence in a variety of areas and we take great pride in celebrating our achievements. Since the school opened in 1950, our students have demonstrated excellence in academic achievement, in the arts, and in athletics. We strive to provide programs to meet the needs of all students as they work toward their post secondary destinations. Whether the destination is the world of work, an apprenticeship, college, or university, we have something for everyone at South Huron.

In addition to the core academics, we offer a full range of arts courses, a variety of technological studies courses, modern languages, business studies, cooperative education, and physical education. Our Special Education Department also provides a broad range of services for students who require additional support.

South Huron is an important part of the community as well, and we encourage our students to develop a greater awareness of the importance of involvement and citizenship through participation in and support of community events and organizations. We welcome and encourage community groups to visit the school, to make use of our facilities, and to work with our students to help us develop and promote a greater sense of community. SHDHS offers Specialist High Skills Majors in Transportation and Arts & Culture.

St. Marys District Collegiate And Vocational Institute

St. Marys DCVI is the home to students in Grades 7 through 12 and located in the Town of St. Marys and is part of the Avon Maitland District School Board

DCVI caters to all interests and abilities through their course offerings and extra-curricular activities. From classes on hairstyling to Physics to athletics and school trips to Peru and Europe, DCVI has something for everyone.

DCVI is located in the small town of St. Marys, Ontario, home of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Canada’s largest outdoor swimming pool. DCVI has a student enrollment of 650 students and offers a Specialist High Skills Major in Energy.

Stratford Central Secondary School

At Stratford Central Secondary School, we are dedicated to providing a positive learning environment and opportunities for each student to be successful while encouraging responsibility, productivity and ongoing learning.

Stratford Central Secondary School has a long history of excellence in academics, athletics and the arts. Our staff is committed to providing a safe, respectful environment while working with students to develop well-rounded individuals, capable of leadership and good citizenship.We are dedicated to continuous student improvement.

Central students perform significantly better than the provincial average in the areas of literacy and mathematics. Each year, we continue to review our literacy and numeracy goals and to set higher achievement targets for our students. Numerous opportunities are also offered, both within and outside of the classroom, in order to achieve our goal of improving citizenship within our school community.

As part of our Student Success Program, we have developed a goal to work toward ensuring that all students leaving S.C.S.S. have the tools necessary to make a “positive next step”. We continue to work toward improving the success rate of all Stratford Central students. By doing so, we ensure that our students are prepared for the challenges beyond secondary school.

Stratford Northwestern Secondary School

Located in the city of Stratford, Ontario, Northwestern is a grade 7-12 school with an enrollment of 1150. Northwestern has an international reputation for its technical programs and world acclaimed culinary arts program featuring the student operated restaurant, the Screaming Avocado. This program has been featured in Time Magazine, in a reality TV series on The Food Network, and its students have prepared food for the Royal Family. Northwestern is the host school for iCASE, the International Canadian Academy of Sports Excellence offering a combined academic and baseball training program. Northwestern also offers Specialist High Skills Majors in: Health & Wellness, Energy, Transportation, Manufacturing and Hospitality & Tourism.