Serious Athletes Graduation, Academic Year or Semester Program

Located in one of the world's most spectacular locations on the coast of British Columbia the Sea to Sky International Program is famous for the sports opportunities. Squamish is considered the outdoor capital of Canada and numerous activities are available for students. It is considered a Mecca for climbing, mountain biking, windsurfing and kite boarding.

Home to the 2010 winter Olympics, the world-class four-season resort of Whistler Blackcomb offers both summer and winter sports including downhill, snowboard, ski cross, Nordic, ski jumping, biathlon, and sliding sports.

The Olympic Training centre is home to Olympic training programs throughout the year and elite coaching is available to students in these programs.

International students can participate with our Canadian students in a variety of programs that have been developed for young athletes. Our schools know the dedication it takes to train and have developed programs to assist these young students with their schooling.

The Sports School at Whistler Secondary exists for students who are committed to ski and snowboard racing through the Whistler Mountain Ski Club and Whistler Valley Snowboard Club. Students must prove they have the commitment and determination to train at a competitive level, which requires absence from regular classes and for extended absences for training and competing away. One teacher/counsellor acts as a liaison between Sports School students, teachers, coaches, and parents/guardians. This teacher meets regularly with each to review progress and modify timetables on an individual basis.

The Flex-Ed Program was designed to accommodate the training/study/work needs of students, using a combination of on-line and classroom learning. It is particularly suited to meeting the learning needs of elite athletes and aspiring artists, who must be away from school for significant amounts of time to train, perform and compete.

The Smart Risk Program is part of the school's culture and aims to raise student awareness and knowledge of the risks associated with outdoor recreational activities. Student leaders plan activities that promote having fun in winter sports and summer activities while also using risk assessment and management skills. These concepts are integrated into the science and physical education curricula. The Smart Risk Foundation in cooperation with the Canadian Avalanche Association and the Canadian Ski Patrol System developed this program.