Braemar College, Toronto, Ontario


Braemar College is a private secondary school located in downtown Toronto, near the University of Toronto. Our programs are designed to ensure students realize their academic, personal and social potential. The college provides support to each student to assist them gain admission to universities and colleges across North America, and indeed, across the ocean: our graduates have gone on to study in the United States of America, United Kingdom and other countries.

Braemar College was founded in 1995 to assist students acquire, improve and perfect their academic skills in preparation for post-secondary studies. Both for local and international students, the college offers a context in which understanding, and becoming genuinely familiar with other cultures, histories and languages, is the norm. This is of crucial import at the dawn of the 21st century, as economies globalize, and future opportunities increasingly arise in diverse places.

Braemar College is housed in a historic building located on the south side of College Street, across from the St. George campus of the University of Toronto. Streetcars, light rapid rail and subways are within steps of our campus which facilitates students getting to and from school expeditiously.

The size of our student body allows staff and teachers to get to know students on a first name basis. The College has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere based on mutual respect which animates college life for students and staff alike. Beyond classroom studies lie a broad array of extra-curricular activities designed to engage students in arts, sports, field trips and excursions around and beyond Toronto.

Each year a high proportion of our graduates are awarded scholarships, prizes and other academic distinctions such as the Governor General’s Award; the Euclid Mathematics Prize and distinctions of a civil nature.

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Study at Braemar College

Preparing for University/College Entry? For 15 years Braemar has specialized in preparing students for entry to Canada’s top universities and colleges. Our academic focus allows students to obtain key skills and complete courses required for entry to top universities and colleges. Small classes and experienced teachers ensure students receive the attention and support needed to achieve his/her academic goals.

Our Fast Track Semester System permits students needing eight or less courses to fulfil graduation requirements to finish his/her Program of Study by April, instead of June. Braemar College has entered into University Pathways Programme agreements with a number of top Canadian universities and colleges. And in addition to facilitating entry to top tier universities and college we prepare students to succeed at the post-secondary level.

The Canada Exchange Program
The Canada Exchange Program is specially designed for international high school students wishing to have a short to medium term study experience in Canada. Students study with us for a focused period, usually during a break, or brief absence, from their home school. Generally, non-credit students can make their study periods as long or short as desired. Credit students—those wishing to have academic credits recognized by their home school—can take advantage of our unique semester system. Every year we have five intake periods, and each semester is nine weeks. So credit students can have a study period as short as nine-weeks, after which the student would have earned two credits.

The best of both worlds. Braemar has designed this program to complement and enrich the work students are doing at their home school. The Braemar guidance department is able to work with the home school, ensuring that the course of study is relevant, comprehensive, and accurately evaluated. The Braemar experience includes fabulous fun! The combination of our unrivaled location in the heart of Toronto, and dynamic campus life make Braemar the perfect place for a teenager to have the experience of a lifetime!

Learn English
Our school has long experience working with international students who do not speak English as a first language. English ability is no prerequisite: we are glad to welcome students at all levels. Once the students arrive, they are tested and placed in an appropriate class. However, if students wish to earn credits toward their high school requirements back home, their English skills should be good enough to function in courses other than ESL.

After finishing their study period here, students can have their transcripts notarized by the local embassy of their home country. Under normal circumstances, and after consultation with your home school, this usually allows your credits to be transferred.

The Canadian experience also involves living with a Canadian family—one of our trusted and experienced homestay families.

TUITION FEE (2018 - 2019 prices)
CAN$    1,650 1 course
CAN$    6,600 half an academic year (4 courses)
CAN$  13,200 Full-Academic year (8 courses)
CAN$  11,110 46 weeks homestay (3 meals per day)

CAN$         200 application fee