Baseball Academy with the Avon Maitland District School Board


The International Canadian Academy of Sports Excellence, iCASE, and the Avon Maitland District School Board launched the iCASE Baseball Academy at Stratford Northwestern Secondary School.

iCASE is an opportunity for baseball players in their junior and senior years of high school to develop and enhance their baseball skills in an academic environment, led by a staff of world-renowned baseball coaches. Baseball training is built into the daily curriculum in order to allow student-athletes to partake in whatever other extra-curricular desires they may have after school, or to simply enjoy time with their friends.Both on the field and in the classroom, the program delivered to each iCASE student-athlete will be groomed to their individual stage of development.

This program is the first of its kind in Canada that combines a secondary education with intensive baseball training. The iCASE Baseball Academy will be the perfect way to maximize the student-athlete’s enjoyment of high school while reaching his/her potential in baseball.

Part of the program includes training at the new modern iCASE indoor training facility on Erie Street at the backof the Cavalier Centre. The Avon Maitland Board and iCASE will place student athletes with local families, especially those living in the Stratford Northwestern area and with students who attend Northwestern. This includes students from other part of Canada as well as Mexico and Venezuela. These students will be staying in Stratford for the entire school year. Qualifying host families will be compensated.

Academy fee: 
CAN$   4,750 iCASE Baseball Academy first semester fee*
CAN$   3,000 iCASE Baseball Academy second semester fee*
CAN$   7,750  iCASE Baseball Academy one year fee*
* On top of the regular school tuition

Seond semester price includes Florida Spring Break Training Camp

Stratford Northwestern Secondary School

Located in the city of Stratford, Ontario, Northwestern is a grade 7-12 school with an enrollment of 1150. Northwestern has an international reputation for its technical programs and world acclaimed culinary arts program featuring the student operated restaurant, the Screaming Avocado. This program has been featured in Time Magazine, in a reality TV series on The Food Network, and its students have prepared food for the Royal Family.

Northwestern is the host school for iCASE, the International Canadian Academy of Sports Excellence offering a combined academic and baseball training program. Northwestern also offers Specialist High Skills Majors in: Health & Wellness, Energy, Transportation, Manufacturing and Hospitality & Tourism.

Our staff also values and is committed to offering school-based activities beyond the classroom. Programs involving drama, music and athletics are of the highest quality at Northwestern and frequently are recognized beyond the Avon Maitland District School Board at the Provincial and National levels. Stratford Northwestern is also proud to be the host school to the International Canadian Academy of Baseball, launched in September 2013.

Northwestern’s strengths are its students and its staff. Our programs prepare students for many different career paths. Whether you choose to attend university or college, pursue an apprenticeship or join the workforce immediately upon graduation, you will leave Northwestern with the skills you need to be successful.

The City of Stratford

Located in one of the most popular regions in Canada, the Avon Maitland District is situated in Southwestern Ontario. The District borders Lake Huron in the west, (beautiful beaches and fabulous sunsets) and across its 6,100 square kilometre stretches east to one of the ICF’s top 7 Intelligent Cities in the World, the City of Stratford.

For more information on the iCASE Baseball Academy, or studying at high school in Ontario, please contact StudyCanada EU <- click for e-mail

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