Louis Riel School Division, Winnipeg, Manitoba


The Louis Riel School Division welcomes international students to our community and appreciates the diverse perspectives they bring to our schools and classrooms. We offer excellent and affordable educational experiences, with complete immersion in English or French speaking environments. Our distinct programming is designed to provide international students with meaningful and engaging experiences that foster personal, academic and social growth.

The Louis Riel School Division offers a broad range of courses for students of all ages. Our enriching learning environments provide comprehensive libraries, well-equipped computer facilities, science laboratories, theatres, gymnasiums, music/band rooms and practical arts facilities for students who wish to pursue studies in English or French programs.High school students also have the opportunity to pursue optional courses of special interest. Optional courses vary from school to school but may include everything from Spanish to Drama to Law.

Winnipeg is a vibrant city with small-town charm and big-city amenities. Around every bend of this river city awaits a new experience. Manitoba’s capital is beautiful and affordable — an ideal place in which to live, learn and grow. In addition to academic pursuits and recreational activities, international students can experience Manitoba’s four seasons: photograph the autumn leaves while hiking the trails of Assiniboine Park, sip warm cider after skating along the snow-capped banks of the Red River, picnic under a canopy of lilac blossoms while observing the migration of Canadian geese, or enjoy the sun and surf of our world-class beaches.

Local homestay families provide a safe home environment for international students while they study in our schools and learn more about our communities and Canadian culture. In turn, homestay families are given the opportunity to learn more about diverse cultures through respectful partnerships with these students.

A homestay program is not intended to serve as another method for homeowners to find paying boarders, but is a means of facilitating cross-cultural exchange while ensuring that homestay families have their costs covered and that international students experience what it is like to be a member of a Canadian household. Under the best of circumstances, the student will be considered as a temporary member of the family. Homestay families assume certain responsibilities and, in return, benefit from the experience of hosting a student from another country. Homestay families must offer a safe, comfortable and friendly environment where students feel welcome and cultural exchange can take place.

International students can expect …

  • a private room in a secure and welcoming home environment
  • three daily meals and snacks, seven days a week
  • a positive atmosphere in which to study and live
  • a family that has passed a criminal record and child abuse registry check
  • a family and home personally selected and approved by the Homestay Coordinator
  • numerous opportunities to learn about Canadian culture and use their English or French language skills

Homestay families are just that—family. They are encouraged to treat international students as members of their own family. International students will participate in family activities and are expected to contribute to the operation of the family household.

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Stay at a Louis Riel Division School

Educating children is the Division’s core purpose, and its community of schools strives to ensure that every student receives a quality education in a caring and nurturing environment. Learning is continuous for the Division’s entire staff, all of whom support the individual and collective needs of our students. Collaborating is about sharing that learning to build community.

Although teachers in the Louis Riel School Division are responsible for delivering provincial curricula, their roles are much richer and include all aspects of learning—cognitive, social, emotional and behavioural. The process of teaching and learning is an exchange, and although teachers, other staff members, parents, and students have distinct roles, each of them receive and contribute to that process.

The Louis Riel School Division strives to develop an appreciation for lifelong learning—to realize that aim it actively cultivates and harnesses the knowledge, skills and abilities of adults and young people who value learning and each other.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular school activities are an important part of the Canadian school experience. The term “extracurricular” means that these activities are not part of the required course of study, but they can be very educational, especially for a student who wants to improve his or her English language skills. Activities vary greatly from school to school, and include a large variety of sports, drama, music, clubs and committees. There may be extra fees required for some activities. Students may need permission from their parents.

High Schools in the a Louis Riel Division

Collège Béliveau, French Immersion*

Collège Jeanne-Sauvé, French Immersion*

Dakota Collegiate, English

Glenlawn Collegiate, English

J. H. Bruns Collegiate, English

Louis Riel Arts & Technology Centre, English

Nelson McIntyre Collegiate, English

René Deleurme Centre, English

Windsor Park Collegiate, English

*The French Immersion program is designed for children whose first language is not French, but who wish to pursue their education in a French milieu. It is an effective way for children to become fluent in French while achieving all the outcomes of the regular curricula. By becoming functionally bilingual, students will create additional future opportunities for travel, studies and career choices.

Fee Schedule 2021-2022

CAN$      200 Application fee
CAN$      550 Medical insurance
CAN$ 20,250 Total full year with homestay fees
CAN$      300 Half Year Medical insurance
CAN$ 10,250 Total Half year with homestay fees

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