Ridley College, St. Catharines, Ontario


Founded in 1889, Ridley is one of Canada's most respected independent schools. The college's beautiful  100-acre campus is located 30 kilometers from Niagara Falls in St. Catharines, Ontario, and contains outstanding facilities for academics, athletics, information technology and the arts. Co-educational since 1973, Ridley enjoys student representation from over 36 countries, and stresses a structured, multi-faceted educational environment: athletics, extra-curricular activities, morning chapel, community service, and cadet corps. Ridley’s graduates attend universities and colleges in Canada, the United States, and around the globe.

Part small, local nurturing day school for our younger students, part powerhouse preparation for university, and part global residence as Ontario’s largest boarding program with students from 40 countries, Ridley is a timeless and distinguished original -- a school that has proudly prepared students for service to the world since 1889.

Ridley College is located in the “Garden City” – St. Catharines – in the heart of the historic and picturesque Niagara Peninsula. The neighbouring communities are a unique blend of rural and urban areas, combining to provide our students and staff with the advantages of living in a city and the traditions of “small town” Canada.

Ridley College is a vibrant and busy place, where every student finds his or her niche quickly. Throughout the year, each student is encouraged to achieve his or her academic potential assisted by our dedicated faculty. He or she is also given the opportunity to take part in athletics, the arts, and leadership, and to live and interact within our highly respected house system.

Both the Upper School boarding and day students are directly associated with a Residential House. The houses at Ridley are very unique but all are run by highly motivated and dedicated Housemasters. All faculty members are associated with our House system, which allows for the student body to interact with them outside of the classroom.

In order to achieve the best possible residential experience, a varied weekend program is planned for the students on campus, who benefit immensely from taking part in these programs. Ridley College sets a benchmark of excellence for boarding and day schools and we are proud of our accomplishments. We welcome you to actively participate in this great school.

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Study at Ridley College

Ridley's Academic philosophy is aligned with the school's motto: TERAR DUM PROSIM - "May I be consumed in service". The Academic Programme plays a significant role in engaging the genius within each student so that he/she can function effectively and gracefully in the wider world. The school's motto can only truly be realized when we grow up self-confident learners who have a sense of their mission in this world and who can use their passion (genius) to serve the needs of others.

Ridley recognizes that all students benefit from differentiated instruction within the classroom.  Understanding the specific learning needs of our students enables teachers to deliver the curriculum in the most effective way possible.

Ridley College is accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) to offer students the five ELL courses that are outlined in The Ontario Curriculum Grades 9 to 12: English as a Second Language and English Literacy Development, 2007. These courses are designated according to levels of proficiency in English and literacy development, not necessarily by grade. They are intended for students whose first language is a language other than English. Students wishing to enrol in the programme must have had opportunities to develop language and literacy skills in their own language appropriate to their age or grade level. They must provide Ridley with evidence that they can read and write in their own language within the expected range for students of their age in their own country.

Ridley’s English Language Learning (ELL) programme is an intensive programme for beginning learners of English. The goal of the programme is to support high-quality learning while giving individual students the opportunity to choose programmes that suit their skills and interests. 

The curriculum, in combination with a range of learning options outside traditional classroom instruction, will enable students to customize their education and improve their prospects for success at Ridley and in life.

International Student fees 2017

CAN$ 63,700 Boarding fee**

The above amounts do not include any extra fees for health insurance, uniform, books, activities, athletic tournaments or Hank’s store purchases.

* Estimated total Other Fees for Upper School International Boarders are CAN$ 4,000. This estimate does not include the laptop, major trips or some tournament travel for sports teams.

** A payment plan is possible (2 or 3 installments)