Bishop's College School, Sherbrooke, Quebec


With a campus bordered by farmland and rolling hills, Bishop's College School is a small, welcoming community established in 1836. Located in a university town 161 km east of Montreal, BCS is an English-language, co-educational seven-day boarding and day school for Forms II through VII (grades 7 through 12). 

Our faculty and staff are dedicated, experienced and committed to students’ growth both inside and out of the classroom. Each student is appointed an Advisor who helps monitor social and academic progress. With an average of 15 students in each class, there is lots of room for individual attention and collaborative learning. Our students are equipped to succeed. Our University Advisor works with each student to find universities and programs that match their interests, abilities, and aspirations. Through our Bridge Program with Bishop’s University, eligible students in Form VII (grade 12) can enroll in university courses for credit. We prepare students for AP, SAT and other standardized tests.

BCS students are exposed to a range of teaching methods, tools and resources that spark the imagination, accommodate different learning styles and cater to individual interests. Technology is integrated into our academic program, allowing students and teachers to take advantage of innovative tools. We offer the unique T.H.P. Molson Bilingual Option Program which allows both French-speaking students to maintain fluency in their mother tongue as well as for English-speaking students to reach higher levels of skill in French.

English as a Second Language studies are available from Form II (Grade 7) to Form V (Grade 10) to help international students adapt. This also helps them prepare for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam needed to gain university entrance. Canadian Francophone students can also benefit greatly from the ESL program.

BCS is proud to be home to students from around the world – Canada, USA, Mexico, Hong Kong, Bahamas, Colombia, Germany, People’s Republic of China, Saudi Arabia - and more. We celebrate our collective diversity whether we are dressing in red, green and white for Mexican Independence Day or competing in our annual Mini World Cup soccer tournament.

Promoting the values of internationalism is at the core of a BCS education. Each entering student (14 years old and up) is enrolled in the Duke of Edinburgh programme which espouses the ideals of community, service, leadership and internationalism. Students also participate in other programmes such as Round Square. Being part of the BCS community provides students with a wider view of our world with all its wonders, opportunities and challenges, preparing them for success.

Our campus is located on 240 acres, nestled in the heart of Quebec’s Eastern Townships. BCS is ideally located in the small, university town of Lennoxville which borders the city of Sherbrooke, Quebec. Lennoxville’s quaint downtown is only a short walk from campus. With permission, students can safely visit Lennoxville, to shop, get something to eat or just to go for a walk.

We regularly organize outings for students to enjoy the amenities of Sherbrooke such as bowling alleys, movie theatres, and shopping malls. BCS is also an easy two hour drive from Montreal. The school has regular trips to Montreal to visit museums, attend concerts and plays, and much more. With the most beautiful boarding school campus in Canada surrounded by picturesque landscapes, historic architecture and modern facilities, BCS provides the ideal venue for your journey into a new world of higher learning, discovery and opportunity.

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Study at Bishop's College School

The very essence of BCS is the strength of our academic program. We teach students to think critically, creatively and independently. Here, students study in a vibrant multilingual, collaborative environment, benefiting from the latest in portable computers, campus-wide wireless access and other advanced educational technology available across the curriculum. As a BCS student, you can be sure to be provided with the tools essential for success in today's rapidly changing world.

Enthusiastic, supportive teachers work closely with students in small classes to develop a love of learning and academic confidence that enables students to emerge from BCS prepared to tackle the challenges of any top university throughout the world, as well as the many different roles they will play as leaders in our global society.

Arts, Athletics and More

The advantages of a smaller school include class sizes that promote interaction and cooperation; competitive and recreational co-curricular sports programmes for students of all levels and abilities; an arts programme that develops talents in such areas as painting, sketching and the visual arts; and an environment that fosters entrepreneurial spirit and leadership. Our students will tell you that one of the best things about being at BCS is the wealth of choices available to them.

Through living and learning in this close community, you will discover and develop your own personal interests whether they are in the classroom, on the playing field, in the arts, in community service, or in your daily encounters with fellow students, staff and faculty. At BCS every student will inevitably try something that they might never have dreamed of. It could be climbing a mountain, playing hockey, doing Outward Bound, acting, singing or visiting a far flung corner of the world. Attending BCS is a unique and life changing experience that will help you to unlock your true potential.


Boarding at BCS is not a programme, it is a way of life. Students choose boarding at BCS because they want to be challenged academically, athletically, creatively, and personally in our unique bilingual and multicultural environment. Each residence is a well-balanced reflection of our diverse school community. Students from over 24 different countries add tremendous richness to the boarding experience. And the resulting friendship often leads to students hosting each other at their respective homes and to lifelong friendships.

At BCS, the world is your neighbour—and your roommate. You will make friends from around the world. International students make up nearly 40 percent of our student body, and this cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths. You will live, learn, work and play alongside people from as close by as the United States or the Caribbean and as far away as China or Saudi Arabia.

2017 - 2018 Tuition and Services Fees International Students

CAN$ 59,900 Boarding fee
CAN$   4,000 international boarder enrollment fee
CAN$      800 Annual Technology Fee 

CAN$ 2,500 International Security Deposit (One time refundable fee)