Cowichan Valley International Student Program, Duncan, British Columbia


Welcome to the Cowichan Valley

The Cowichan Valley is located on Vancouver Island and is considered as one of the most beautiful regions of British Columbia.

The Cowichan Valley International Student Program encourages balancing academics with extra-curricular activities. We believe that students will gain as much benefit from participating extra-curricular activities as from classroom study. 

Homestay Programme

The Cowichan Valley has hosted international students in home stays for over 15 years. Student safety and well-being is our priority. Our home stay program is well-established and we have clear procedures for host families to follow. The full-time, professional home stay manager arranges and supervises all home stay placements. They support the students and host families to ensure successful home stay experiences for all students.

Our host families are carefully selected. We obtain criminal record checks on all family members over the age of 18 years. Host parents are fully trained before hosting students and they welcome international students as family members into the home and in addition, we conduct in-home interviews and inspections. Home stay families help encourage International Students to participate in family activities. Our home stays are in nice homes and a comfortable enviroment for students. International students receive personal, individual attention from host parents.

Through our home stay program, our international students achieve personal and academic success by living in a comfortable and supportive environment. They are able to feel safe and secure as host parents care for students as they care for their own children. International students learn about Canadian lifestyle & culture and are encouraged to speak English every day with families who's native language is English.

Ice Hockey Academy

Cowichan Valley International Student Program’s Hockey Academy is affiliated with our self-directed school, Frances Kelsey Secondary. This program invites students who aim to achieve both athletic and academic excellence. Cowichan Valley values both academics and extra-curricular activities. The Hockey Academy is designed to focus on both academics and athletics. Our goal is to equip our international students interested in hockey with the tools to help them realize the privileges and responsibilities of a student athlete.

For more information, please contact  StudyCanada EU <- click for e-mail

Study at the Cowichan Valley
International Student Program

Long Term Programme

The Cowichan Valley Long Term program organizes in-depth orientation activities at the beginning of each semester. As well, we organize and pay for a number of social events for international students throughout the year.

The Long Term program focuses on improving English skills, making Canadian friends and living a genuine Canadian experience!Students will take courses with Canadian students, and may also take ESL (English As Secondary Language) courses with our highly qualified ESL teaching staff. Students participating in any of our programs have access to ESL instruction, either as a mandatory course or as an optional support program. As well, the Cowichan Valley program encourages all of our international students to participate in many extra-curricular activities.

Short Term Program

The Short Term Program is a three month program that consists of ESL, English as Second Language, classes along with a selection of non-academic courses. Ideally, students enrolled in our Short Term Program begin September or February at the start of the semester. However, this is not a firm requirement. The Short Term program is a great way for international students who are interested in experiencing Canada, and its culture, for the first time. The Cowichan Valley International Student’s Short Term Program provides learners with the opportunity to build an unforgettable and positive first impression of what Canada has to offer.

Students who are interested in applying for this the Short Term Program should be aware that acceptance is based on available spaces in schools. Students will not have the opportunity to choose a school, but will have one assigned.

Summer Programme

Experience Canada Summer Program offers international students with a unique Canadian summer experience. The Cowichan Valley is a community nestled on Vancouver Island and is known for its ocean beaches, thick forests, clean and beautiful lakes, scenic rivers, streams, mountains, and rolling farmlands. Regardless of where you travel within the region, you are surrounded by nature. Whether you prefer to fish, scuba dive, hike, windsurf or kayak, each of these activities will present a unique opportunity to experience a wide range of natural wildlife.

Cowichan Valley’s Experience Canada International Student Summer Program is four week program designed to provide our students with a unique Canadian experience experiencing all that Canada has to offer. Our summer program showcases Canada’s beauty by encouraging students to participate in outdoor activities and building relationships with Canadian families. For example, through our summer program some of the activities that our international students may do are: visiting the beautiful cities of Victoria and Vancouver, hiking, kayaking, learning first nations culture, archery and many more. In addition, our summer program is facilitated by BC Certified ESL teachers. This allows our international students to experience and practice their English in an encouraging and fun environment. Cowichan Valley's summer program is designed to be an experience like no other as it combines culture, education and fun in order to provide students with a summer that they will remember.

Tuition fee 2017

CAN$ 13,250 per year tuition

CAN$      800 per month homestay