International House, Vancouver, British Columbia


The International House World Organisation is committed to excellence in language teaching and teacher training. Our family of schools is truly global, with 156 private and independently owned schools spanning 52 countries. Each has its own unique flavour, but all are inspired by one common aim: the very highest standards in language education.

We want to make studying a language with International House an exciting, challenging and fulfilling experience. For many it is a life-changing one too. Whether you choose to learn English, or one of 30 other languages available, all of our schools are committed to delivering the very highest standards in teaching, facilities and customer care.

International House Vancouver

International House Vancouver offers the highest quality language programs to students from around the world. Experienced instructors, friendly staff, a wide variety of courses and an active social program make IH Vancouver the ideal place to study. Come and experience Vancouver. IH Vancouver is accredited by Languages Canada.


IH Vancouver’s experienced and caring full-time Housing Director places students in safe, comfortable homes in pleasant neighborhoods. It takes approximately 20-40 minutes to get to and from the school by bus. Our Housing Director is available 24 hours a day to answer students questions and discuss their concerns.

Canadian hosts provide:

  • Full Board Homestay (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Shared room options available
  • Private Bathroom options available
  • Dedicated study area
  • Shared bathroom, laundry facilities, telephone, TV, internet etc.
  • Warm, friendly atmosphere where students can practice English and experience Canadian culture

Student House

The student houses are approximately 20 minutes to the school by bus. Both private and shared (2 or 3 students per room) are available. The kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities are shared in each house. Meals are not included.

Residential accommodation includes:

  • private/shared bedroom
  • shared bathroom
  • access to kitchen and laundry facilities
  • TV, telephone and internet access
  • individual study desk and closet

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Programmes at International House Vancouver

General English

General language classes in the morning will help you to improve all of the key skills. A communicative and student-centered approach is at the heart of our teaching. General English focuses on integrating the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing with pronunciation and grammar components. The overall emphasis is on improving confidence and fluency.

Business English at IH Vancouver

Learn to communicate effectively in common business scenarios and situations. Business English Classes at IH Vancouver are practical, comprehensive and a great way of preparing students to take the Cambridge ESOL BEC Examinations. For those students wanting to take an official BEC examination, official tests may be taken at IH Vancouver.

Winter Junior Program

IH Vancouver is excited to offer its popular Junior Program for the winter. Open to students of all English abilities, with engaging activity filled classes that focus on all of the major language skill areas. In addition, there are twice weekly field trips to exciting locations around the city. Students are also able to participate in a variety of optional weekend excursions with ski trips to nearby mountains available every Sunday (optional tours arranged through WestTrek tours). The winter junior program is ideal for building English skills, exploring Vancouver and making friends from around the world.

Working Holiday Program

Canada has Working Holiday agreements with some countries. Students between 19 and 35 from these countries can apply for a Working Holiday visa and live and work in Canada for up to 12 months. The Working Holiday is a unique way to experience life in Canada. you immerse yourself in culture and learn to speak the language. And the work component helps you to finically support yourself during your extended stay. IH Vancouver offers a wide range of services for Working Holiday visa holders. We provide language courses to give you confidence when speaking English and we also offer full job search and placement assistance. For Working Holiday we offer the following placement options:


CAN$ 310/week General English, 20 hrs per week

CAN$ 475/week Junior Homestay Program

CAN$ 300 Working Holiday Program (on top o English tuition fee)

CAN$ 125 registration fee

Discounts after 3 weeks possible.


CAN$ 27/day Homestay single room adult (Full-Board)

CAN$ 25/day Homestay double room adult (Full-Board)

CAN$ 10/day Private Bathroom supplement (subject to availability)

CAN$ 35/day Child/Junior Homestay single room (Full-Board)

CAN$ 30/day Child/Junior Homestay double room (Full-Board)

CAN$ 25/day Self-Catering Homestay single room

CAN$ 25/day Student House single room (self-catering)

CAN$ 16/day Student-House shared room (self-catering)

CAN$ 300 accommodation placement fee