Braemar College Language courses and Summer Camps, Toronto, Ontario


Braemar College offers a broad array of high quality language programs. All are designed with the needs and interests of students in mind, and all carry on the tradition of excellence started in 1995, when we first began offering our award-winning ESL courses. Braemar is more than a school; it is a family of students and educators. The satisfaction of our students is our top-priority. Why? Because we believe we only succeed when our students succeed.

Our facilities are located right in downtown Toronto—across the street from the St. George campus of the University of Toronto, and minutes away from public transportation. This is a safe, exciting neighbourhood, filled with many fun things to do. 

Part of the experience of every student studying abroad is shaped by where they life, and in this respect, Braemar offers an unrivalled choice. Whether a student is placed into one of our carefully chosen and supportive homestays, or opts instead to live in one of the nearby university residences, we go that extra distance to ensure all our students are well looked after, happy and secure.

University Residences:
During the summer months of the year, our students can stay at one of the historic University of Toronto residences which are all within a short walk of our college. The university residence offer a safe, clean, convenient housing option for our students. Meals and other students services are provided right in the residences. Within a few strides along the beautiful streets that weave through the St. George campus, students will find themselves at Braemar. The university residences are available between mid May and mid August annually. 

Braemar has spent years building up a network of homestays that provide our students with a new home in a new country. In our homestays, students find not just a place to sleep, eat and rest, but a new family to join, and a cultural experience reflecting Canadian life. Given our proximity to public transportation, we strive to select homestays that are nearby subway stops or other major transportation hubs

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Study English at Breamar College Language Programmes
Braemar’s language classes are fun, dynamic, and draw on our rich resources as an institution recognized and inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education. We place an emphasis on all language skills—speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Whether students join us for a few weeks, or a year or more, they will feel at home. Our programs are based on a decade's experience. We infuse our classes with excitement; and our activities with learning--so join us, and get the Braemar Experience!

English for Academic Purposes

The purpose of our Elite English Teen Program is to produce confident, relaxed, fluent speakers of English, primed to turn these skills into assets in the years ahead. A distinguishing feature of this program is the instructors we hire--unlike language schools, we hire teachers with education degrees, experience and membership in the Ontario College of Teachers.

Types of Courses:
In addition to the levels at which courses are offered to meet varying proficiency levels, it is key to have a variety of types of courses to choose from so all learning styles and needs are successfully met.

Courses include:
English as a Second Language; English Literacy Development; (mainstream) English; and, Dramatic Arts;