Langley Fine Arts School, Langley (Langley District) British Columbia


LFAS offers International students the opportunity to complete the Ministry of Education requirements for graduation from a BC high school while pursuing their passion in one of the Fine Arts areas. LFAS offers Visual Art, Dance, Music, Drama and Writing as well as the standard high school curriculum for admission into post-Secondary institutions.

We are a small fine arts "magnet" school for the Langley School District. Langley Fine Arts School had our first graduating class in 1994. Our graduates currently attend universities, colleges, schools of Music, Art, Design, Theatre, Literary Arts and Dance, and technical schools all over North America. They have gone on to study and work in the Sciences, the Liberal and Fine Arts, the Social Sciences and a broad variety of other fields.

We have 403 Secondary students and 395 Elementary students in Grades 1-12 at Langley Fine Arts School. Parents and students chose the school due to its reputation and its focus on the arts and the academics. Subjects such as mechanics, cooking, computer drafting, etc., are not offered at the school. We simply focus upon the academics and the arts, believing that this provides our students with a great richness of educational experience.

International students interested in attending LFAS must submit a portfolio or tape of their skill level in one of the art areas. Upon acceptance of these requirements, the IS language level is assessed using standardized English Language assessment tools. The ISP at LFAS is designed to integrate IS into mainstream academic courses as soon as their language level is sufficient. IS are placed immediately into the Art area of their choice. Intense English language instruction is offered to those students whose English language skills need improvement before full integration into mainstream classes can take place. These ESL classes are very small and often tailor made to meet the specific individual needs of the Second Language learners.

International students have the opportunity to audition for a choir, orchestra, dance company and drama ensemble after school. As well, all International students, regardless of skill level, can join the intramural sports program which offers involvement in floor hockey, handball and badminton. Because of its small size, LFAS has a warm friendly atmosphere that allows us to build close relationships with both teachers and other Canadian students.

Study at LFAS

In all grades of the school, we have visiting artists, field trips, fairs and multi-subject projects. These give our students different opportunities to learn, to explore the world, to be creative and express their learning in diverse ways. Academic teachers frequently use fine arts strategies and activities in the study of English, Science, Social Studies, etc. Excellence of group and individual pursuits is a key value in our school. At the school we learn to learn together - we learn to think critically, to express ourselves effectively and creatively. Students and their friends watch their own talents, skills and knowledge developing over time through practice.

Creativity, quality and innovation are celebrated and the academic atmosphere at the school is stimulating. LFAS students appreciate and understand the value of a disciplined approach to learning. Academic courses are five months long, and involve 90 hours of classroom interaction. Studying academic courses at a fast, semester pace, students learn to focus their efforts, and to manage their time very well. Langley Fine Arts students meet the key learning outcomes outlined by the British Columbia Ministry of Education, and they do this in less classroom time than do other students in British Columbia. Our students perform exceptionally well on Provincial learning assessments and Grade 10, 11 and 12 examinations. In their final years of Secondary school, LFAS students earn many scholarships that open doors to exciting educational opportunities beyond high school.

Possible courses:

Dance, Drama, Visual Arts, Music, Photograpy, Writing and Motion Picture Arts

Mary Pratt Gallery

Langley Fine Arts School is home to a professionally-operated exhibition venue for students in Grades 1-12. Named for the internationally-acclaimed Canadian artist who continues to serve her artistic and educational Community of Newfoundland, the Mary Pratt Gallery is renowned for its exciting calendar of monthly shows. Designed is exclusively for the celebration of LFAS Elementary and secondary students' artistic accomplishments.


CAN$ 23,000 Tuition Fee plus homestay for one year

Custodian Fee: There is an additional one-time fee of CAN$ 100 if the Langley School District is required to act as the custodian for the Study Permit (Student Visa) application.

Airport Pickup Fee: CAN$ 150 This is a one-time fee used to contract a service to pick up the student at the airport and transport the student to the designated Homestay. Note this first-arrival fee applies only to students who will reside at a district Homestay.