St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia


Choosing a university is a big decision. Our advice? Think carefully about what you want from your university. Then think about how you’ll fit, not just as a student, but as a person. If you decide you want a place recognized as one of the finest schools in Canada, a place where you can dream big ideas, live and learn on a beautiful campus, be recognized by name, experience an outstanding support system inside and outside the classroom, and get ready to change the world, then StFX should be your choice.

St. Francis Xavier University offers what so many of Canada’s top students are seeking: a high quality education, focused principally on the undergraduate, in a vibrant residential setting. Recognized as one of the finest schools in Canada, StFX is meeting the needs of today’s undergraduates through outstanding teaching, exceptional hands-on research experiences, the very best in a residential community, and unique opportunities to make a contribution to communities at home and abroad.

Students have been falling in love with Antigonish since StFX moved here more than a century and a half ago. Whether gathering for a post-exam meal at Gabrieau’s Bistro on Main Street, blowing off a little steam at The Tall and Small Café, enjoying a moment of self-reflection on the Brierly Brook bridge, or taking part in the thrilling Highland Games, the young men and women who attend StFX are as proud of their adopted town as they are of their school.

When you become a Xaverian, you become part of a rich heritage. Your story becomes part of the larger story of the thousands of students who have come here to spread their wings and explore their potential. The Highland Heart of Antigonish beats strong, leading every StFX alumnus to say the same thing: It’s hard to imagine a more inviting, more inspiring place to experience your university years.

Let’s put it plainly: StFX is Canada’s best residential experience. There’s a reason so many of our students—about half overall, and about 90% of those in first year—choose to live on campus: It’s a true focal point of activity, discussion, learning, and just plain fun. From the theatre to campus dining, no campus experience is better than the one you’ll have at StFX. 

Your residential experience at StFX will be unforgettable. That’s why a higher proportion of our students live in residence than anywhere else in the country. High-quality, comfortable living quarters, great food, and great friends. There are options for every personality and style. No matter which residence you live in, we can guarantee you’ll make lifelong friends and have the opportunity to live in a culture of respect.




Study at St. Francis Xavier
University 2020-2021


StFX’s academic reputation is one of the best in Canada. That’s because our learning model focuses on you and your success. Our full-time professors will recognize your skills, challenge you to think critically, and help you succeed both inside and outside the classroom. 

StFX offers undergraduates an unparalleled opportunity to perform world-class research, alongside world-class researchers. International students benefit from a range of services that facilitate admission, integration, and academic success during their undergraduate study.

Our co-op program prepares students by enhancing classroom learning through integrated work experience.

New Innovative, Immersive programs

Humanities Colloquium: an optional first-year program in which enrolled students all take the same three sections of Philosophy, English, and History. These courses will be taught collaboratively, as if they were a single course. Lectures, assignments, and discussions will be coordinated to bring out exciting connections among the disciplines, and to avoid conflicts in assignment due dates.

Social Justice Colloquium: an optional first-year program for Bachelor of Arts students. Participants are enrolled in dedicated sections of Anthropology, Global History and Women’s & Gender Studies. The instructors work together to coordinate their teaching so that you learn about social justice from various perspectives. In addition, you will complete a service learning experience that will be interwoven with your academic learning.

StFX offers an unparalleled academic and cultural experience that prepares you for advanced or professional programs, including the popular choices such as:

  • Architecture
  • Chiropractic
  • Criminology
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • International Business
  • Journalism
  • Nursing
  • Optometry
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy Therapy
  • Pre Law
  • Pre Medicine
  • Social Work
  • Veterinary Medicine

Tuition and General Fees - International Students 2020 - 2021

CAN$ 20,236 Total International Student Tuition fee

Residence Room Fees 2020-2021
Single Room CAN$ 6,925 per academic year
Double Room CAN$ 5,770 per academic year

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