Bodwell High School, Vancouver, British Colombia


It all starts at Bodwell

Please note: 2022-2023 fees eligible for upcoming registrations in 2023-2024 with all fees received before January 1, 2023. 2023-2024 fees effective for any registrations after December 31, 2022

Our crest shows the emerging students of all backgrounds, from Canada and around the world, growing and flourishing in the Bodwell community, reaching out with confidence to embrace the world of opportunities. Since 1991, our dedicated administration and faculty have offered an engaging Grade 8 to 12 curriculum for boys and girls, now in a waterfront boarding school in the City of North Vancouver.

Our campus is located in the Harbourside Park in North Vancouver. The south side of the school, extending from the glass curtain wall of the cafeteria, opens to an extensive courtyard connecting to the adjacent park, the waterfront walkway and the coastal shoreline. Students have the tree-lined courtyard, the park, and the waterfront, to muse quietly, read and discuss in groups, to chat or to just relax. All these areas are within a safe distance of supervision to ensure the safety and comfort of our students.

The new campus is completely modern, with facilities that include a multipurpose gym, indoor swimming pool, a tennis court, a presentation theatre, music rooms, library, computer rooms, and the school ground is equipped with wireless internet capabilities.

Every student is placed in a “House” in the Bodwell House System, engaging the entire school community in meaningful activities and healthy competition. Furthermore, all students are required to participate in the Extra-curricular Program, in at least one activity per semester. Most choose to participate in more than one.

Citizenship and Culture
Young people are growing up in challenging times. The world is evolving: technologies are advancing, economies shifting, and environments often degrading. Bodwell empowers students with many of the skills needed to play influential roles in the world-to-come. Extra-curricular programs include; Student Parliament, Public Speaking Club, Recycling Club, Rafiki/Multi-Cultural Club, Yearbook Club, Math Club, Chess and games Club, Conversation Club, Computer Club.

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Education in Bodwell 2022 - 2023 (2023 - 2024)

Part of our mission at Bodwell is to enable students to be active learners and well-rounded citizens who contribute positively to the world.

Challenge. Hard work. Success. These are just three of the central themes of our Regular Academic Program of Study. Through engaging courses and curriculum, young people push their learning farther, expanding the boundaries of their intellect. Bodwell’s courses carefully follow the Provincial Curriculum prescribed by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. Students who fulfill the graduation program receive a high school graduation diploma issued by the Ministry of Education.

Academic & English Preparation For young global citizens, being able to communicate fluently in several languages is no longer an option; it is a necessity. Becoming multilingual opens up valuable opportunities and empowers young people with the crucial ability to communicate across cultures. AEP is a specialized English as a Second Language (ESL) program for students who are becoming proficient in English. Taught by dedicated teachers with expertise in both international education and ESL instruction, high school subject content is interwoven into AEP to ensure a smooth transition into Regular classes.

Athletics and Fitness To compete on an athletic team is an enriching challenge for the mind, body, and spirit. Yet competition takes on an even more profound meaning when a young person’s teammates come from countries all over the world?each with a unique language and culture. Extra-curricular programs include; soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton, cross-country running, track and field, tennis, table tennis, ski/snowboarding, fitness club, yoga and stretching

Arts Every young person has the potential to explore the world as an artist. This is crucial for personal growth of creativity and innovation, which are highly-valued attributes in an ever-changing world. At Bodwell, the Fine Arts punctuates a student’s well-rounded education by contributing visual arts and performance components. Extra-curricular programs include; Rock Club, Jazz Club, Advanced Music Club, Animation Club, Drama Club, Photography Club, Open Art Studio, Hip Hop Club, Dance Crew.

TUITION FEE 2022 - 2023
CAN$  50,325 one year tuition fee including boarding

TUITION FEE 2023 - 2024
CAN$  55,175 one year tuition fee including boarding

Included in the fee is the Application Fee, the Custodian Declaration, the Tuition Fee and Boarding Program, Curricular Activities / Club Fees, Damage Deposit, Medical Insurance (One Time Fee), and the School Uniforms.