Sea to Sky School District, Squamish, BC


Experience an educational and cultural exchange in Sea to Sky Country, home of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Come to our school district and learn English while pursuing unsurpassed academic and recreational opportunities. Sea to Sky is the right choice for you.

Sea to Sky School District has a clear mission: the success of all students. The District has high expectations for excellence across the curriculum—in academics, athletics, fine arts and career programs. There is also a keen awareness that students learn best in a safe, secure and respectful environment supported by strong connections between school and community.

The School District is unique in the diverse communities it serves. There are three major population centres: Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton. The District also serves six Aboriginal communities and Off-Reserve Aboriginal Nations. Even though each community has its own unique set of needs and interests, there is a spirit of collaboration at work in the District that infuses its vision statement:

“To create a learning community where all learners are empowered to achieve their personal best.”

The International Student Program allows students from around the world to study and learn alongside Canadian students of the same age. The program encourages cultural awareness and international understanding by bringing students together and enabling them to experience similar social and academic opportunities.

The Sea To Sky School District is located in British Columbia's spectacular Sea to Sky corridor where nature has provided tremendous recreational opportunities. The parks, forests, mountains and beaches are free for you to enjoy.


Situated at the head of Howe Sound and surrounded by mountains, Squamish is cradled in natural beauty and is the envy of the south coast. Located just 30 minutes north of Vancouver on the Sea to Sky Highway, Squamish has everything: location, geography, wildlife and weather. Squamish is known as the outdoor recreation capital of Canada with world class rock climbing, cross-country mountain biking, hiking, river rafting, and windsurfing. Squamish means Mother of the Wind in Coast Salish, which makes Squamish a top wind surfing destination. The Stawamus Chief, the second largest freestanding piece of granite in the world, has made Squamish one of the top rock climbing destinations in North America. Squamish has a population of about 20,000 and has six elementary schools, one junior high school, and one senior high school.


Whistler is a 40 minute drive north of Squamish and is nestled below Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. In recognition of its world-class status as a ski resort, Whistler was home to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Whistler has been recognized as the Top Ski Resort in North America for the past decade.

Whistler also offers excellent summer activities such as canoeing, free riding, downhill mountain biking, fishing, and golf. Whistler has a local population of around 10,000 but numbers swell on weekends and on holidays up to 40,000 with tourists from around the world, which gives Whistler a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. Whistler has two elementary schools and one high school.


Pemberton, with a population of 3,000, lies 20 minutes north of Whistler. Pemberton sits in a wide valley surrounded by mountains, which makes it consistently warmer than Whistler. One of the most prominent features in the Pemberton area is the 8,000-foot Mount Currie. Its looming presence is perhaps the most notable feature in a valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Farming has been the traditional industry of the Pemberton Valley, and continues to be a significant contributor to the local economy. Pemberton has a dragon boat racing team which has successfully defended its title in international events for many years. Horseback riding is also popular in this community, as are cross-country skiing, hiking and biking. Pemberton has one elementary school and one high school.

Sea to Sky Activities Program

The Sea to Sky International Student Program offers students a number of special activities and excursions throughout the school year. Some of the activities are free of charge and others have a nominal fee. These activities have been designed to allow students to travel, sightsee and enjoy activities and events in a safe and supervised manner. These activities and excursions include trips to Vancouver and Victoria, NHL hockey games, Chinese New Year celebrations, Fright Nights at Playland and a number of weekend sports activities. As a special incentive students receive a very low season’s pass price to Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort.

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Study at the Sea to Sky School District

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Academic Year or Semester Abroad

The Sea to Sky International Program is a popular choice for students wanting a cultural year or semester abroad. Students from around the world enjoy learning along side our Canadian students and taking the numerous courses available while improving their English. We offer students the advantage of small class sizes and a small program so that they can have a truly Canadian experience.

All our schools are accredited by the British Columbia Ministry of Education and offer our government-approved curriculum. The courses offered at the schools are taught by university-trained teachers certified by the British Columbia College of teachers and dedicated to making learning enjoyable. The latest in technology is utilized in classrooms. Students are expected to choose their courses when they apply so we can ensure they get the classes they need and want.

Schools feature high quality science labs, art rooms, drama rooms, music rooms and well-equipped gymnasiums. Courses of study in all secondary schools include mathematics, English, social studies, the sciences, computer studies, fine arts, business studies and physical education. Vocational facilities such as an automotive shop, metalwork and woodwork shops can be found at most of our secondary schools. Along with the traditional academics international students are encouraged to take as many electives as possible. French Immersion is available. A Culinary Arts Program is also available and is considered a college level one program. We place top in the province in Physics programs and have an amazing music and art program.

Our schools offer a number of locally developed programs including Outdoor Leadership, Aboriginal Studies, Whistler Sports School and Flex Ed.

International students are encouraged to participate and compete in our athletic programs. Our gyms are state of the art and include weight rooms and climbing walls. We are famous for our community sports and activities and students can train with our Olympic level clubs and participate in community sports.

Sea to Sky Homestay Program

Sea to Sky International Student Program knows that the most critical part of our student’s study abroad experience is their life in their new Canadian home. We believe that a happy student will be a successful student. We have a dedicated homestay coordinator to ensure this experience is a success.

Most of our homestay families have children attending the schools and all of our families live within the school district area. Homestay families are carefully selected and must complete a detailed home stay form and submit to a thorough criminal record check from our National Police Service. Our families provide a clean, comfortable home environment, a private bedroom for the student with facilities for studying, and three healthy meals a day and all snacks. They must participate in a home inspection where the requirements of being a homestay are explained and attend a homestay seminar yearly.

Students are placed with a family that is the best possible match and meets the interests of the student. Students will be sent the homestay profile as early as possible so they can connect with their new family. Our families are active, enjoy a healthy lifestyle and take pleasure in having students participate in family activities.

Tuition Fees

CAN$     200 Application Fee non-refundable fee
CAN$ 12,000 Tuition Fee per school year (10 months, 2 semesters)
CAN$   6,000 for a 1/2 year (5 months, 1 semester) period.
CAN$   400 Medical Fees per semester (CAN$ 800 for a 2 semester, full academic year).

CAN$ 300 Homestay Placement Fee, non-refundable unless the student is not accepted.
CAN$ 900 – 1,000 per month Homestay Fees (depending on the community).

Secondary Schools at the Sea to Sky School District

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