Blyth Academy, Ontario


Our mission is to provide a school without walls: a safe and structured environment in which students flourish both on a personal and academic level, while realizing that opportunities in education are boundless. With caring and empathetic staff who focus on personalized learning and experiential education, students are inspired to explore their cultural surroundings and excel in their academic courses. Blyth’s on site teams provide outstanding leadership and teaching, as well as complete support for all students, giving them the attention they deserve. With this unique approach, we lead students out of the classroom and into the world, creating the experience of a lifetime. We also offer meaningful, locally-driven community service programs that allow students to fully engage with their community abroad.

Blyth has helped thousands of students travel, study, and succeed in countries across six continents. Simply choose a location, itinerary, or course that interests you and Blyth will provide:

  • An engaging and rewarding class structure
  • Exceptional staff
  • A worldwide perspective
  • Supervision
  • Structured class time
  • Field trips and included excursions
  • Optional excursions and program extras

An Engaging and Rewarding Class Structure

Classes take place in small groups that average 12 students, allowing teachers to give each student individual attention. Small class sizes allow teachers to accommodate for Individual Education Plans, while also providing one-on-one help and review sessions.

A Worldwide Perspective

Studying abroad brings valuable perspective to our students. Opportunities to meet and speak with residents, eat meals in local restaurants, as well as experience first-hand the local culture, economy, and wonderful diversity of the country students are visiting will instantly broaden their horizons.


For many thousands of students traveling to Canada, Homestay has proven to be a safe, reliable, and welcoming choice for accommodation. The students who choose Homestay find that the personalized environment of this accommodation provides an ideal option to the traditional boarding school. We work with Canada Homestay International (CHI). 

The Homestay experience includes the following:

  • average distance of 45-60 minutes to the school
  • 24-hour emergency phone number
  • Optional airport transfers three meals per day
  • Optional custodianship service

Study at Blyth Academy

Blyth Academy offers a wide range of courses designed to suit the needs of every student: full-time, part-time, private, semi-private, advanced sports training with academics, summer school, and our newest option: Blyth Academy Online. Our personalized education, class sizes with fewer than eight students, and experiential learning model offer a unique alternative that is dedicated to the total education of young people.

Academics for Athletes

Full-time students at Blyth Academy may take part in several athletic skills training programs while benefitting from our flexible school schedules, meeting both their academic and athletic needs. Whether they are looking to study and train in school or simply looking to complete high school, Blyth Academy can accommodate your athletic schedule.

With fourteen different campuses to choose from, there is a campus for every student. From the urban Yorkville, to the waterfront Barrie, to the uptown Thornhill, every Blyth campus exudes its own unique personality and style.
Donwsview Park
Lawrence Park (x2)
London (in Canada)
Mississauga (x2)
Ottawa (x2)
Tuition fees (2018 - 2019 prices):
CAN$ 23,395 (4 terms) Tuition at Etobicoke, Lawrence Park, Mississauga & Yorkville
CAN$ 22,625 (4 terms) Tuition at Downsview Park & Ottawa
CAN$ 20,795 (4 terms) Tuition at Burlington, London, Thornhill, Waterloo & Whitby
CAN$      250 registration fee (non-refundable)

1 academic term = approx. 10 weeks
2 terms = 1 semester
4 terms = 1 academic year
Barrie Colts Hockey Academy: available from September to March Break
Grades 7 & 8 available in Lawrence Park, Mississauga, Whitby and Burlington
Blyth offers a basic medical insurance policy for all international students coming to Canada.
More information: StudyCanada EU <- click for e-mail