Queen Margaret’s School, Duncan, British Columbia


Established in 1921, Queen Margaret's School is located on 27 country-like acres on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. We offer a safe and secure learning environment close to Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Queen Margaret’s School is a caring community committed to providing students with a challenging and enriched educational experience in preparation for university. Each student is encouraged to pursue excellence in all endeavours and take a responsible role in society. At Queen Margaret's School we believe each student has a unique set of talents that must be encouraged and nurtured. Our All-Girls High School (both day and boarding) allows young women to achieve in a structured and safe learning environment without the social pressures of a co-ed classroom.

In Grades 9-12, we are known as Canada's equestrian university-preparatory high school for girls. Young women experience a rigorous academic curriculum anchored by an internationally recognized leadership program, empowering them to think critically, lead confidently and live honourably. Our acclaimed equestrian program provides training opportunities for recreational rides and elite equestrian athletes alike. Girls in Grades 6-12 can enjoy a rich boarding experience that fosters global awareness and broadens their world view.

What a wonderful opportunity your daughter is about to participate in here at Queen Margaret’s Residence; new friendships, new cultures to explore, new memories to create. Our staff will have your daughter’s room ready for her arrival, introduce her to other students, and be there as she learns to adapt to her new environment.

At Queen Margaret’s School we welcome students from around the world and are excited to share our community and culture. As a parent, leaving your daughter in the care of others can feel both exciting and apprehensive - you want to make sure that your daughter is well cared for. Our professional staff members are experienced in working with teenage girls and understand the challenges and successes ahead. We take on the responsibility of the daily role of ‘parent’ and make decisions that will support her personal growth. We want to keep her safe, help her mature and learn about her self as well as others, and to look back knowing that she has gained confidence in who she is and of what she is capable.

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All-Girls University-Preparatory High School (Grade 8-12)

An all-girls high school university-preparatory program allows young women to achieve in a structured and safe learning environment without the social pressures of a co-ed classroom. Girls in Grade 6 through 12 may board in our multi-cultural residence community where they cultivate self-reliance with responsibility.

Our Grade 8 to 12 classes balance an academic emphasis with vibrant athletic disciplines, including a unique Equestrian program, and enriched visual and performing arts programs. Our teaching approach provides a solid academic foundation, which encourages critical thinking and problem solving, fostering a joy in learning. Our residence is a multi-cultural community where students can cultivate self-reliance with responsibility.

Queen Margaret’s School provides exemplary curricular and co-curricular athletic and club programs that provide students with the opportunity for physical, as well as their academic development. Mandatory physical education for all students, combined with an integrated Outdoor Education program, develop physical fitness and skill development while enhancing sportsmanship and strengthening student self-esteem. Student participation on school teams allows opportunities for enrichment while strengthening school spirit. Our world-class equestrian program offers riders of all skill levels a unique opportunity to experience and enhance their horsemanship and stable management skills and knowledge. The athletic program emphasizes physical fitness and the life-long enjoyment of physical activities.

Our comprehensive Fine Arts program provides students curricular and co-curricular opportunities for artistic development in visual and performing arts. Our goal is to enhance self-confidence, creative expression, aesthetics and communication skills. Students will be given ample opportunity to exhibit their artistic abilities via theatrical productions, musical recitals and competitions, and art exhibitions.

Our ESL program is designed specifically to increase students’ English language competencies giving them the skills they require to integrate successfully into the regular academic English program required for British Columbia high school graduation and entrance to North American universities. The ESL program is designed to support both social adaptation and academic success. We recognize that each student has unique strengths and personal academic goals that require individual attention and seek wherever possible to address these individual needs and goals both during the initial placement process and during the program.

Fees 2024-2025

CAN$   3,000 one time enrollment fee

CAN$ 79,230 Regular International Boarding students
CAN$   2,100 international student guardianship fee
CAN$   1,000 - 1,500 uniform fee