Robert Land Academy (Military High School), Wellandport, Ontario


Robert Land Academy is a not-for-profit, private military school for boys in both the upper elementary (grades 6-8) and high school (grades 9-12) levels. Located in Ontario Canada, just one hour from Toronto and 35 minutes from the United States (US) border, RLA has been delivering a highly structured program designed to nurture self-discipline, self-respect and self-determination for boys who are struggling academically and behaviourally, or not living up to their true potential.

The results of attending Robert Land Academy for many students is an "about turn" in life -- better grades, a healthy lifestyle, improved physical fitness, improved social skills and relationships with family, and opportunities for post-secondary advancement. This video depicts day-to-day life at the Academy - Athletics, physical fitness, academics, self care and routine.

The military theme of the Robert Land Academy military school for boys is the foundation of its structured and disciplined learning and living community.  Value-based expectations for proper conduct, with clearly defined rules and roles, has as their objective the accepting of responsibility for personal choice and the development of rational thought.

With a focus on the development of mind, body and character, the Academy addresses the needs of the boy as a whole in order that he can actualize his potential through gaining mastery over himself. Robert Land Academy utilizes a military model to reinforce the importance of structure, discipline, accountability and self-determination. The demanding intellectual and physical challenges are accompanied by training support and encouragement to assist each student in developing self-confidence and self-worth through genuine achievement.

The Robert Land Academy military school campus is situated in a country setting on 168 acres in the heart of the historic Niagara Peninsula, approximately 35 minutes from the US-Canada border at Niagara Falls and one hour from Toronto, Ontario (just outside the town of Wellandport). This isolated setting provides an environment that is free from the harmful distractions and influences that can often result in underachievement or confused priorities in some children.

The facilities include an Administration Building, an Academic Building with classrooms and laboratories, a Library, Barracks-style Dormitories, a Dining Hall, as well as a fully-equipped Athletic Complex complete with Gymnasium, Boxing Ring, Weight Room and an indoor Climbing Wall.

Boys live in barracks-style dorms. The daily schedule is structured to assist cadets with time management and self-discipline. A typical day begins at 0600 hours and includes a staff inspection of living quarters, lockers and personal belongings. Breakfast is followed by a devotional, flag-raising and drill. Classes, sports and activities take place weekdays. Weekends highlight outdoor adventure training, sports, academic tutorials, study halls and chapel services on Sundays.

Each boy is required to participate in extracurricular activities, designed to develop sportsmanship, physical strength, leadership, and a sense of self-worth. Varsity teams compete with area high schools in basketball, cross-country, wrestling, soccer, rugby, track and field and hockey. On an individual basis, boys can challenge themselves with the parachuting course, canoeing, scuba, rock climbing, rappelling, orienteering, and other outdoor adventure activities. Some 20 clubs are organized to meet a variety of interests such as model airplanes, rocketry, mountain biking, photography, computers, chess, etc.

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Study at the Robert Land Academy

Robert Land Academy offers a demanding academic program that is as rigorous as the training and physical components. Small classes and a low student to faculty ratio allow for close personal interaction. Remedial assistance, supervised mandatory study halls and tutorials are an integral part of daily routine. Additional periods of class time are scheduled each semester to allow when required for targeted remediation of core Literacy and Numeracy skills. By addressing these problems rather than bypassing them, students can experience a reopening of post graduate options and a new sense of optimism and purpose regarding their studies.

The school year is divided into two semesters with semester one from September to the end of January and semester two from the end of January to June. Rather than the usual 4 class period day, the Academy offers 5 periods each day thereby providing for extensive remediation and academic catch up.

Classes are small and average 15 pupils. Tutorials are conducted during week days and weekends. Remedial Literacy and Numeracy blocks of 110 instructional hours each are available in each semester to support student success. All courses emphasize the development of strong basic skills in reading, writing and study techniques.

Extra-curriculum activities are an integral part of the program at Robert Land Academy. Students at Canada's only private military school have an opportunity to select from a number of sports, clubs and activities.

School Fees (2017 -2018):

CAN$ 55,500 Tuition & Boarding (10 month boarding program Sep to Jun) including International Student fee*

Other Fees:
CAN$ 3,000 Initial Registration Fee (one time only)
CAN$    500 (approx) Health Insurance (US & international students only)
CAN$ 2,000 Tuck Account Deposit
CAN$    250 Admissions Interview

*The International Student Fee applies to those students who do not have Canadian or US Citizenship and whose parents do not have a bank account in Canada or the US. The International Fee includes on-campus accommodation, meals, supervision, and on/off campus activities during those times where the school is closed or where the students are eligible for off-campus leaves and stand downs (with the exception of the two week break in December/January).

Fees Above Include: Tuition, room and board during academic terms, an initial registration fee (new students only), textbooks and most course materials, curriculum and athletic team related trips, personal laundry, sheets and bedding laundry.  Some school uniform items are on temporary loan to the student and are returned at the end of the school year.

Fees do not include: Academic supplies, school uniforms (other than those previously listed), transportation costs (to and from the Academy for leaves, holidays, start of term and end of term, specialist appointments), counselling fees, some extracurricular trips and activities, dry cleaning and all personal discretionary charges (haircuts, long distance calls, school photographs, yearbook, etc.). A mandatory Tuck Account deposit of CAN$ 2,000 to cover these expenses and for discretionary spending throughout the year is required.

Payment Options: Robert Land Academy offers a number of payment plan options. For further details or to obtain a copy of our School Fee Guide please contact the Academy.

Medical Insurance: All international students (including US students) or other students who do not have medical insurance coverage through a Canadian Province must purchase student medical insurance offered through the Academy.