Capilano University, Vancouver, British Columbia


Founded in 1968, Capilano University is one of the oldest publicly funded post-secondary institutions in British Columbia. With more than 7,000 students, the university welcomes over 600 international students from over 45 countries each semester. Known for its reputation for teaching excellence and innovation, Capilano University has distinguished itself by its commitment to student success. The University offers Bachelor Degrees, Arts & Science Transfer, Associate Degree, Career/Vocational, and English as a Second Language (ESL). Credentials awarded from Capilano University are widely recognized throughout Canada and credits are easily transferred to schools in Canada and overseas. The University's main campus is situated in North Vancouver, just 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver.

A stress-destroying campus

The Cap campus—or rather, campuses, as we have a campus in Squamish and one on the Sunshine Coast—are striking in their uncommon beauty. Lush forests, towering mountains and stunning plant life will put your mind at ease, even if it's tormented with thoughts of six looming assignment deadlines, a dwindling student loan, and a roommate who insists on eating all your leftover pizza while you sleep. Mountains that leap out of the ground and fill the sky. Trees that take your breath away. Mesmerizing ocean views. Kayaking, hiking, camping, snowboarding. Or, if nature's not your thing, you can shop. Maybe pick up a fresh salmon. Or a bottle of renowned BC wine. Perhaps you're in the mood for a trip to the city? You'll be glad to know you’re only 20 minutes away from the shops and eateries of Lower Lonsdale and downtown Vancouver. (But be warned: Robson Street has been known to devour student loans in mere minutes.)

Centre for International Experience

The Centre for International Experience is a home away from home for close to 700 international students from 55 countries that are currently studying at Capilano U, and a spring board for all students, staff and faculty towards an international experience via study abroad or short term study tours. The CIE is dedicated to providing special services to international students and all students at Capilano University wishing to study abroad including recruitment, advising, admissions, study abroad, student leadership, mentorship and engagement opportunities. Guidance is offered with regards to medical insurance, on and off campus work permits, study permit renewal and more. Meet CIE's team of friendly professionals and visit the Centre's brand new physical space in the Library building or virtually. You will be glad you did! 

Housing Options

Capilano University does not have on-campus housing, but students have other options for accommodation: stay with a host family in a homestay environment, stay in fully furnished housing pre-arranged by an accommodation company, or make arrangements for rental accommodations.

Student Life & Activities

The Centre for International Experience plans activities each term so international students can enjoy themselves during their time at Capilano University. There are many activities for students on- and off-campus. These activities will help you meet new friends, learn the language and customs of Canada, and relieve stress throughout the term of study. Many events are free but some events do have inexpensive event fees.

International Leadership & Mentorship Program

The International Leadership & Mentorship Program creates opportunities for all students to enrich themselves with intercultural perspectives, learn about Canada and the world by building relationships, engage in the CapU community, share wisdom and have fun throughout their educational experience at Capilano University.

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Study at Capilano University, Vancouver, British Columbia

Our instructors are crazy in love with what they do, which is very good news for you. Their passionate professorship is wildly infectious, and suddenly the line between what you’re learning and who you are disappears. And when that happens, when it suddenly hits you that you’re actually doing something you’re meant to do, you just can’t top that feeling. In fact, we can’t even describe that feeling (but we’re pretty sure there’s tingling involved). There is no intellectual snobbery at Cap. We believe excellence in education is for everyone. And by everyone we mean the high school student who knows exactly what he or she wants to do in life, as well as the high school student who has absolutely no clue what he or she wants. Whatever your motivation, we’ll help you put your mind to it.

What can you take at Capilano University?

The question should really be “What can’t you take at Capilano University?” That’s because you can study so many things here—from the traditional to the unconventional (Where else can you find typical university courses such as Philosophy, Math, Business and Geography sitting beside unexpected gems such as Scuba Diving, Jazz, and Costuming?) Nowhere, that’s where. So be sure to check out all our offerings. You might just find something that makes you slap your head and exclaim "That's the one! I'd love to take that!" 

Areas of Study at Capilano University

Preparatory Studies

If you want to prepare for the world of work, or need additional skills to continue your education, this is the area you’re looking for. Includes Adult Basic Education, College and University Preparation, and more.

Arts & Sciences

This is where you’ll find courses (more than 750 first- and second-year university transferable courses, actually) in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Pure & Applied Sciences.

Business & Professional Studies

Don't let the name fool you—there's more to this area than business. You'll also find Communications, Legal Studies, and even a dash of Public Administration.

Fine & Applied Arts

The uber- creative stuff resides here: Media Arts (which includes animation, interactive design, and our renowned IDEA program), Motion Picture Arts, and Visual & Performing Arts (including Jazz Studies, Music, Theatre, Studio Art, and Textile Arts).

Education, Health, & Human Development

Just like the name says; this is the place where you’ll find Music Therapy, Early Childhood Care & Education and more.

Global & Community Studies

This area of study gives you an incredible range of study options. The Bachelor of Tourism Management Degree program, for instance, prepares you for managerial-level positions within the tourism industry. Or, if you prefer climbing mountains as opposed to climbing the corporate ladder, you can sign up for our Wilderness Leadership program.

Possible Credentials at Capilano University

  • Bachelor Degrees 
  • Associate Degrees 
  • Diploma Programs 
  • Certificate Programs 
  • Citation Programs 

Tuition 2020-2021

International student tuition fees are CAN$ 607 (Academic) per credit and CAN$ 491,65 (EAP) per credit. Most courses are 3 credits per course.

Please note that new students are required to pay a deposit of CAN$ 5,000 before registration, which will be redirected towards tuition.

The approximate costs in Canadian funds for 1 term (4 months of study) are:

CAN$    128 Application for Admission fee (one time)
CAN$    120 Incidental fees
CAN$    300 Books
CAN$ 1,150 per month Lodging / food

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