Aberdeen Hall School, Kelowna, British Columbia


Aberdeen Hall is a co-educational, independent university preparatory school offering classes from Preschool and Kindergarten to Grade 12.  The range in ages provides for diversity and exceptional mentorship opportunities in an inclusive, safe and caring school environment.  Aberdeen Hall is rated #1 of 982 public and independent Elementary schools in British Columbia (Fraser Institute, 2014). In the Senior School, 100 % of the 2014 graduating class were accepted by top universities.

The campus is situated on 19 acres adjacent to the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus (UBCO). The school is comprised of a Primary Hall (Pre K and Kindergarten), Junior Hall (Gr. 1 -6) and a state-of- the- art Senior Hall (Gr. 7-12).  

Sports facilities include a new Athletics Centre with tennis, volleyball and basketball courts in addition to exceptional outdoor sports fields. The facility is comprised of special programme amenities such as music and arts rooms, science and computer labs, a performance theatre and library. Aberdeen Hall fosters academic excellence in a progressive school environment which is safe and caring. Our school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities and supports a strong sense of community. 

We welcome international students into our school community, a small but diverse international population that allows for students to confidently integrate into the school for an exceptional education and Canadian cultural experience.

Family Boarding Programme

The Family Boarding Programme is organized by the Director of Admissions at Aberdeen Hall. The programme involves international students living with carefully selected Canadian families, many of whom are Aberdeen Hall families. Family Boarding is a wonderful opportunity for international students to experience first-hand how a Canadian family lives. By living in a Canadian home, sharing meals, speaking English, and participating in the family’s daily activities, students are fully immersed in Canadian culture in a welcome and supportive environment.  All host families undergo the school’s screening process, including personal interviews, a home inspection and police checks.

Study at Aberdeen Hall
Preparatory School


Aberdeen Hall offers a broad, balanced and enriched advanced placement (AP) curriculum. Through the expertise of our dedicated and talented teachers, students are extended beyond the basic learning objectives of the BC Curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to teach an outstanding knowledge base and advanced skill set; preparing students to a high standard for the next stage in their academic careers. Specialist subject-specific teachers in Drama, Music, PE, Information Technology, Spanish and French further enrich our curriculum and allow the talents of individual students to flourish.

The teachers and administration staff work very closely to ensure that every student feels confident, happy and secure. We all believe that school should be a ‘happy place’ where students can express themselves and try new experiences in a supportive environment. At Aberdeen Hall, our teachers are selected for their caring nature and commitment to student growth.

Aberdeen Hall aims to offer challenging opportunities for all students whether academically, culturally or in the physical environment. Our clubs programme is changed every term to provide interesting new learning opportunities. Activities such as fieldtrips aim to enhance the classroom learning. Outward bound trips help to develop cooperation and leadership skills. The Duke of Edinburgh programme is offered from Grade 9.

Aberdeen Hall Cultural Development and English Language Skills Programme

This programme is for students who wish to enroll for one or two semesters at Aberdeen Hall to experience a Canadian school, Canadian culture, live with a Canadian family and further develop their English language skills.

Grade 7 to 12 students will:

  • Participate in our English as a Second Language (ESL) programme; the amount of study required will be determined by an English Language assessment.
  • Enroll in English Language, Math, Social Studies, Science, Music, Art, Drama, Health and Career Planning and Physical Education. When required, students will be withdrawn from some subjects for ESL instruction.
  • Take part in co-curricular activities such as team sports and clubs. Please see our school website for information on Aberdeen Hall athletics and our sports clubs programme.
  • Take part in Aberdeen Hall’s Horizons Week and field trip programme.

Fee Schedule International Students (2017 - 2018 prices)

CAN$ 38,800 (all inclusive)

For more information, please contact StudyCanada EU <- click for e-mail