Summer Camps in Canada

Despite your best efforts to keep your little hatchlings close to the nest, nothing can keep your kids from their firm desire to flex their independence and attend a sleep-away summer camp. From sea to shining sea — and sometimes, even across that sea — StudyCanada can offer the coolest summer camps for kids in Canada!

It’s an old tradition over there in North America. Every summer, millions of parents send their children off to sleep-away summer camp, or to day camps. There are so many reasons to consider summer camp for your kids, and it’s well worth the expense and separation anxiety! Here are some reasons why children should go to summer camp.

  • When a child goes away to summer camp, you’ll notice a big difference in their natural self-esteem. They will be more confident, less clingy, with much more self-esteem. 
  • Being away from home at summer camp will make your child much more independent and self-reliant.
  • Unless you have a lake for swimming and canoeing, plus a rock-climbing wall, archery range, and horseback riding corral at your home, chances are, your children will be able to try new things at summer camp.
  • Sleep-away summer camps and even day camps, will expose your children to people of all different background, cultures, ethnicities, religions, and races. They might hear new languages, learn new cultural practices, and try new foods and hear different types of music.
  • Most camps focus their summer activities and learning opportunities on nature and the outdoors. What a fantastic way to make your child more environmentally aware, and kinder to plants and animals!

Going to these international camps take the academic focus to another level by not only helping prepare students for college admissions, but also building important international skills that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. As universities work hard to globalize their campuses and internationalize their student populations, young people and their parents definitely need to take note, because this means young people need to globalize and internationalize themselves as well. 

The best international summer camps extend the language-only model and include other options for students to augment their language and culture studies, such as soccer clinics, surfing, and even SCUBA diving. Volunteering and service learning are also great components that the best international camps offer; young people can build their foreign language skills as well as gain valuable experience in community service working with children, saving sea turtles, building homes, or working on coffee farms. 

These programs don’t just provide cultural experiences, but even more important they push young people to become more independent thinkers, better communicators, and internationally knowledgeable and competent

Summer Camps in Canada

The following Summer Camps in Canada are on offer through StudyCanada EU.

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Academic Camp 2022 Canada, British Columbia and New Brunswick

Bodwell's Summer Camps, Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler, British Columbia

Canadian 2022 Summer Camps, Toronto, Ontario

Fulford Academy Summer School, Brockville, Ontario

Sprott Shaw Language College Summer programmes, British Columbia and Ontario

Tamwood Camps 2022 Canada

Tamwood Winter (2021/2022) Teen Camp, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada