Chilliwack School District, Chilliwack, British Columbia


Our International Student Program offers an outstanding educational program for international students. You will be provided with challenging academic studies and English language learning opportunities in classrooms where you will be fully integrated with your fellow Canadian students. Your education program will be based on high standards of academic excellence, and Chilliwack School District will prepare you to successfully enter post-secondary studies at the university or college level.

As you continue through our web site you will learn about the many excellent benefits of studying and living in Chilliwack. Briefly, some of the more compelling reasons to come study and live with us are as follows:

  • Scenic Beauty And Moderate Climate
  • Chilliwack – Not Too Big, Not Too Small
  • A Safe And Friendly Community
  • Endless Recreational Opportunities
  • Close To Vancouver And Pacific Ocean
  • Carefully Selected Homestays
  • A Personalized Approach
  • Superb Course Offerings
  • Ideal Environment In Which To Learn English As 98% Of Our Students Have English as Their First Language
  • Excellent Atmosphere In Our Schools

We honestly feel that Chilliwack has so much to offer as a school district and community. Please explore our web site to learn more as to why we feel this way, and let us know if we can help you with any additional information. We invite you to come study and live with us!

Homestay – Host Family Information, What To Expect

Homestay families are expected to act as the international student’s “family away from home”. You are not merely offering room and board to these students. Your role is to offer a safe, caring, and nurturing environment for these students to live in, just as you would your own children. Conversely the international students are not to look at your relationship as if they are “guests” to be waited on hand and foot. The relationship we are looking for is one of mutual understanding and trust and one where the homestay students should respect you and your children (if you have children) as they should respect their own family in their home country. We hope that not only can your homestay student learn much about Canadian culture and lifestyle but that you too can learn much about your student’s culture and way of life. These intrinsic rewards should be first and foremost for you rather than financial considerations.

For more information please contact StudyCanada EU <- click for e-mail

Our International Student
For close to twenty years there have been a number of international students studying in the Chilliwack School District from countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, Ghana, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

What we offer
We offer three different learning programs based on the needs and desires of our international students:

The Graduation Program
This is a yearly program for which students will select courses of interest and value and which meets the requirements for a B.C. Graduation Certificate and college or university entrance. Students will enroll in a full time course program, will receive regular intensive language instruction, and will be encouraged to participate fully in all aspects of school and family life. Often this is a two or three - year program, beginning in grade 11 or grade 10, but a number of our students come to us at a much younger age and stay until graduation.

The Learning Exploration Program
This is a one-year program for which students select courses of interest and value but not necessarily to fulfill graduation requirements for a British Columbia Graduation Certificate and college or university entrance. The main focus beyond the content of specific subjects is the development of English language skills and to experience Canadian culture. Students will enroll in a full time course program, will receive regular intensive language instruction, and will be encouraged to participate fully in all aspects of school and family life.

The Short Term Immersion Program
This program is similar in nature and services to The Learning Exploration Program, but only for a portion of the year, and not less than three months. We would however possibly accept students for less than three months if they come together as a group of ten or more.

Tuitions And Fees 2020-202
Can$ 25,950 for one year (10 months)
CAN$ 13,950 for one semester (5 months)

Fees include tuition, homestay and additional fees. It excludes health insurance.