Sooke Schools Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia


Improve your English, prepare for post-secondary study and experience the richness of Canadian culture in Victoria’s vibrant WestShore communities. The schools in Victoria’s WestShore communities offer you academic challenge, warm and welcoming host families and exceptional opportunities to explore a region the United Nations calls “one of the world’s best places to live”.

We offer academic graduation programs, one year and short term English language development and cultural learning opportunities and a summer camp program that welcomes groups of all ages.

Canada’s warm west coast is like no other place in Canada. The green of dense forests, the blue of clear oceans, the red, white and yellow of our many parks and gardens plus the delight of recreation and cultural opportunities available in just the right proportions for students of every age.

Our exceptional Academic Program includes a wide variety of interesting courses, excellent support services and approachable staff and teachers who are committed to your success as a student. Our optional Travel Program offers students the opportunity to choose supervised travel to Vancouver, Seattle, Whistler and Pacific Rim National Park. Our optional recreational Activity Program includes, skiing, climbing, surfing, rowing, curling and snowboarding.

Our commitment: To provide you with a remarkable opportunity to learn and to succeed in one of the finest settings in the world.

During our twenty-five year history, we've welcomed students from 22 nations in Europe, from Asia, and from South, Central and North America.

Victoria’s Sooke School District's International Student Programs offer you...

  • the opportunity to learn more about Canada and about yourself
  • the opportunity to achieve the level of academic success that is required for entrance into Canada’s top universities.
  • the opportunity to engage in a wide range of outdoor, recreational and cultural activities
  • the opportunity to travel to Vancouver, Seattle, Whistler, Mt Washington and more

Sooke International Student Program is offered within select public schools located within Vancouver Island's beautiful Greater Victoria region. The Sooke School district serves Victoria’s WestShore suburban communities of Colwood, Langford and the Highlands, together with the rural community of Metchosin and the seaside village of Sooke.

Victoria's vibrant WestShore communities are growing rapidly. People are drawn to the natural and unspoiled beauty of our many parks and seaside beaches, the strong sense of local community and the close proximity to the culture and shopping opportunities in downtown Victoria. International students choose study with us, confident that they will have a multinational program experience that focuses upon each student’s complete integration into Canadian school and community life.

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Study with Sooke Schools Victoria

In 2020 we started with an Eco Academy for grades 9 and 10 students. See more here.

Sooke Schools International Programs offer a rigorous academic program that is balanced by a variety of elective course offerings and a rewarding activity program. International students (aged 12 to 18) form a small (less than 3%) but important part of each school's student population. International students are encouraged to become fully involved in school and community life and are often matched with a Canadian Student Ambassador to support their integration into the community.

Sooke School classes are taught by university and government accredited teachers with specialist skills in specific subject areas. Students seeking to improve their English language skills will find support available to them through specifically designed classes or supportive experiences within a fully integrated study experience.

Our programs offerings are limited to select applicants prepared to accept the challenge of study in a Canadian Public School setting. Your study experience will be with Canadian students, youo will live in a Canadian family and you will be encouraged to become involved in community recreational and cultural activities. We are pleased to offer a variety of learning experiences, designed to meet the diverse goals of the student who study with us. Learning experiences are available in several different formats, Including full year, semester and short-term programs.

Middle Schools

  • Dunsmuir Middle School 
  • École John Stubbs Memorial School 
  • Journey Middle School 
  • Spencer Middle School

Secondary Schools

  • Belmont Secondary School 
  • Edward Milne Community School 
  • Westshore Learning Centre 
  • Pacific Secondary School

High School Graduation Program

For students wishing to earn academic credits towards a B.C. High School Graduation Certificate or for transfer to their home country, in one of our four high school settings. Students hoping to graduate with a B.C. Graduation Certificate must be prepared to study for at least two years (longer if English language skills require significant development).

Full-year or Half-year High School Experience Program

For students who would like to experience Canadian culture and improve their English language skills, for periods of one year or less, through an immersion program in one of our six middle and high school settings. Students are enrolled in a variety of academic and non-academic elective courses, with an emphasis upon courses that encourage an understanding of Canadian culture and offer an opportunity for students to practice their English language skills in a highly-interactive environment.

Short –Term Cultural Experience program

For students who may not be able to study for one or more semesters and still wish to have a taste of Canadian school and community life. Short cultural experiences of from 4 to 16 weeks are available throughout the academic year. Students are enrolled in a variety of courses, with an emphasis upon courses that encourage an understanding of Canadian culture and offer an opportunity for students to practice their English language skills in a highly-interactive environment.

Program Dates:

The Short-Term program is available mid-September to mid-June.

Short-Term Program Fees:

Fees vary according to length of stay. For information on fees for short-term programs, please contact us via StudyCanada EU <- click for e-mail

Fees for the high school programmes 2022 - 2023:

CAN$ 26,100 for one year (2022-2023)
CAN$ 13,725 for one semester (2022-2023)

Fees for the high school programmes 2023 - 2024:

CAN$ 27,675 for one year (2023-2024)
CAN$ 14,550 for one semester (2023-2024)

The fees include the application fee, tuition fee, homestay (including food) CAN$ 975/month in 22/23 and CAN$ 1,100/month in 23/24, airport pick-up and Program fee (school bus transportation (when required), homestay placement/support, complimentary custodianship, access to our supervised activities program, and medical coverage). 

More information through StudyCanada EU <- click for e-mail