Canadian College, Vancouver, British Columbia


Large private college in Vancouver Downtown with its unique and renovated classrooms, with a capacity of 400 students in total. Classrooms are located on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor, with offices on the 4th floor and a large rooftop garden on the 5th floor. Conveniently Located nearby Coffee/Light Snack Shops; Convenience Stores; Indoor Gym/Sports Facilities; Restaurants; Drug Store; Gift Shops; Park; Beaches; Excellent Hotels etc.

On Campus Restaurant

Students staying in our residence have an included meal plan on campus at eh! Restaurant. This includes breakfast and a hot or cold lunch from Monday to Friday. (Residence students must pre-pay 3+ months to receive free lunches.)

High Speed Wireless Internet

The campus has a Cisco wireless network with fiber-optic high speed internet. Also there is a tech support office which provides software, hardware and network support for free to all Canadian College students. Rental laptops are also available to students who don't own a laptop.

Student Residence

Many students choose to live in our student residence/apartments because it's a 5 minute walk to the Canadian College and it is a great place to meet other students from around the world.

Student Activity Program

The full time activities coordinator has spent 12 years organizing activities for international audiences. Each week there is a tourism, sport, and educational activity. Also there is a free activity, one that is under CAN$ 10, and some that cost more money.

For more information, please contact StudyCanada EU <- click for e-mail

Study at Canadian College

Available programmes
Certificates, Diploma’s and
Co-op programmes:

Business Management Diploma
CAN$ 11,650 18 months including Co-op
Business Management Certificate CAN$ 8,500 12 months including Co-op
Business Fundamentals Diploma CAN$ 12,250 9 months
Business Diploma CAN$ 29,600 24 months 
International Business Management Certificate CAN$ 14,800 12 months 

International Trade Diploma CAN$ 18,800 24 months including Co-op
Trade Management Certificate CAN$ 9,000 12 months including Co-op 

Hospitality Management Diploma CAN$ 18,800 18 months including Co-op
Hospitality Management Certificate CAN$ 9,400 12 months including Co-op

Information Technology Diploma CAN$ 17,900 24 months including Co-op

Project Management Diploma CAN$ 17,850 2 months including Co-op

Social Media Marketing Diploma CAN$ 16,480 24 months including Co-op
Social Media Marketing Certificate CAN$ 9,140 12 months including Co-op 

Paid Co-op, Study/Work
As students return to their home country, the combination of a Western diploma and co-op is not only a competitive advantage, but allows students the opportunity to understand and experience the cultural and business nuances that can only be gained from hands-on experience.