Canadian Tourism College (CTC), Vancouver, British Columbia


Canadian Tourism College (CTC) has been the Canadian leader in high-end hospitality, travel and tourism career training and education since 1980. CTC is the first accredited tourism college in British Colombia, and the only specialty career training institution that focuses on the hospitality, travel and tourism industries.

With your first visit to Canadian Tourism College, you'll notice something special about us. Here you'll find not only a comfortable learning environment, but something more; a spirit of warmth and friendliness, a positive attitude that is shared by everyone, a sense of genuine caring and mutual respect between students, staff and instructors alike. Today, Canadian Tourism College is recognized throughout the travel and tourism industry as the leader in quality training, and remains guided by one basic principle: we put the needs of our students first.

We are a fully accredited college by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA)of British Columbia. In fact CTC was the first college in the Province to earn accreditation in 1995. Being accredited is proof to you that CTC teaches to a high level, meets quality standards set by the Education Act of BC and operates with a high level of integrity and educational competence.

CTC is the proud recipient of the Education Quality Assurance (EQA) designation earned by public and private post secondary education institutions that have met or exceeded government recognized quality assurance standards. This designation further insures our students that CTC is dedicated to providing top quality industry validated curriculum.

Canadian Tourism College welcomes international students to our campuses. If you are planning to study in Canada, you can benefit from enrolling in either CTC's online English courses where you can increase your English language level prior to beginning training at CTC or enroll in our 4 week English For Tourism Certificate program at the College prior to any program commencement. For more details, please contact one of our Enrollment Coordinators.

You will be required to provide TOEFL scores of 490 written or 160 computer based. If you don't have a TOEFL score, you can complete the Canadian Tourism College's online English Assessment with a minimum score of 60%. If you don't obtain a 60% mark on the English Assessment, you may enrol in any of CTC's online English courses to improve English levels prior to course commencement . If you prefer, ESL classes are available through our partner ESL schools. Please consult with an Enrollment Coordinator for more details.


If you are coming to study from out of province or from an International country, it is important to have a comfortable home to arrive to while you get familiar with the Vancouver and Surrey areas. Although the Canadian Tourism College does not provide accommodation on campus for its students we can refer you to companies who specialize in finding homestay placements for national and international students.

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Study Canadian Tourism College Programs 2020-2021

Hospitality Programs

Hospitality is the largest service industry in the world and is quickly becoming B.C.'s largest employer. From the West Coast's ski resorts and eco-lodges to cruise ships and exotic beachfront hotels around the globe, there are abundant opportunities for qualified individuals to step into stimulating employment.

  • Hospitality and Resort Business Management Diploma
  • Hospitality and Resort Business Management Diploma + Co-Op
  • Hospitality Certificate
  • Hospitality Certificate + Co-Op

Tourism & Adventure Programs

Are you looking for a career that’s not just a job? Would you like to work in one of the world’s largest industries? A career in travel and tourism could be your ticket to an exciting future. Or, do you live for the outdoors? Are you constantly looking for the next great adventure? Why don’t you make your lifestyle your career? Adventure tourism careers are a fast-growing job market in the travel industry. Now is a great time to to turn your passions into an exciting, fast-paced career!

  • Tourism Diploma + Business + Co-Op
  • English for Tourism Certificate
  • Tourism Certificate
  • Tourism Certificate + Co-Op

Airline & Flight Attendant Programs

CTC Graduates go places. Are you interested in seeing the World? Would you like to work for an airline company, provide excellent customer service and get paid doing it? You could be employment ready in as little as three months.

  • Flight Attendant Diploma

English Courses

English has become the most widely used language in the world and is essential for international communications. CTC understands the importance of being able to speak, read and write in English for working in Canada and around the world, and has developed these training courses to enhance your skill level.

  • English for Hospitality & Tourism Certificate
  • English for Hospitality & Tourism Certificate + Co-Op

Tuition fees 2020 - 2021 prices

CAN$ 25,025 Travel & Tourism Business Management Co-op Diploma
CAN$ 21,050 Travel & Tourism Business Management Diploma
CAN$   6,974 Tourism Certificate
CAN$ 24,005 Hospitality & Resort Business Management Co-op Diploma
CAN$ 18,555 Hospitality & Resort Business Management Diploma
CAN$   9,596 Hospitality Co-op Certificate
CAN$   8,114 Hospitality Certificate
CAN$   7,674 Flight Attendant Diploma

CAN$     300 Application fee