Glenlyon Norfolk School, Victoria, British Columbia


Each child holds our attention at Glenlyon Norfolk School (GNS), an independent day school that is a caring, and thriving community. As one of only ten IB World schools in Canada offering all three International Baccalaureate programs, GNS is proud of its unique 'IB Advantage': a 21st-Century education which educates the whole child and creates global thinkers. Our strength lies in meeting students where they are and in providing them the skills and opportunities to explore who they will become.

For over 20 years, Glenlyon Norfolk School has been welcoming international students. Students from Germany, Spain, Switzerland, France, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and China have been enrolled at our school. Small class sizes, academic curricula enriched by the International Baccalaureate, ESL support as needed, many co-curricular opportunities and a welcoming community all make for wonderful experiences for our international students, whether they come for a year or more. 

International Student Boarding

For international students, we offer a 10-month Family Boarding program. The goal of this program is to provide a safe, supportive, English-speaking family environment for international students attending GNS. In addition to gaining a valuable understanding of Canadian culture and traditions, living with a Canadian family provides our international students with the opportunity to speak English regularly, which is a critical element in how quickly their language skills progress.

The Round Square

GNS is proud to be a member of the Round Square, a conference of over 80 schools from 17 countries that follow a unique, educational philosophy that supports students on their journey to becoming well-rounded adults. The Round Square philosophy emphasizes learning by doing as our students grow to be responsible global citizens who value academics, welcome diverse ideologies, respect cultural and spiritual differences, and recognize their role in shaping a harmonious planet.

Glenlyon Norfolk School is situated in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Victoria is one of Canada’s most beautiful and safest cities. Its location on the southern tip of Vancouver Island in a sub-Mediterranean zone keeps the climate temperate - an average of 9°C in winter and 20°C in summer. It rarely snows in Victoria and rainfall averages 665 ml, approximately half that of Vancouver, BC and Seattle, Washington.

With a population of 350,000, Victoria is a small city. But it is close to major cities: Vancouver is a 15-minute flight away, and Seattle, Washington, is a 25-minute flight. It doesn’t take long to get from one place to another in Victoria. It is home to the University of Victoria, one of the finest universities in the country, and Camosun College, which offers a university transfer program.

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Study at Glenlyon Norfolk School

Academics, Debating and Public Speaking, Soccer and student initiative all come to mind when people hear the name Glenlyon Norfolk School. Families visiting the school often comment on the warm, friendly environment and note that the students are engaged and happy.

The Middle School (grade 6 – 10)

The Middle School heart beats very much with a sense of vitality and passion as our students take a step towards finding out who they really are, what they have to offer and how they can become involved in their own personal growth. 

We are firm believers in placing our students right at the centre. The Middle School is a great place for this to happen as it offers a safe, nurturing and wholly positive environment where students can enjoy what they do and have fun learning, knowing that this sense of enjoyment is just what helps to make us a really special part of the GNS community. We want our students to be responsible, to care about themselves and others and to take on those core values of both the International Baccalaureate’s Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) and the Round Square. If ever you come into the school you’ll see—and hear—what I mean in the classrooms, in the corridors, in the performing arts studio, on the sports field and beyond. But of course we want our students to expand their vision ever wider and look to see what’s out there waiting for them.

The overriding quality of the Middle School is the warmth and care our staff and students show towards each other. This allows students to find their way to be the best they can be in every area of the school—through truth and courage. No mean feat by any stretch of the imagination! We encourage our students to take on new challenges and to move a little out of their comfort zones at times, knowing they will have a safe place to land at the end. We know that this is a great way to help our students mature and thrive.

Students, teachers and parents work together to make the Middle School a remarkable place to work and learn and do our part to make our world just a little bit better every day. Do come for a visit. You will be very pleased you did!

The Senior School (grades 11 and 12)

The Senior School is a very unique and special place that offers a rich variety of opportunities for our students. I hope the following pages give you a sense of how great it is to be a GNS student and encourage you to explore further. We are always happy to welcome visitors to our school.

High schools are meant to be places of exploration, where young people can feel comfortable to push their boundaries within a caring network of support. This is where GNS excels! As a small high school of close to 300 students, we have a strong sense of community with a relaxed but professional atmosphere. Every student is an important member of our school. We advocate genuine respect for one another and an attitude that welcomes and celebrates diversity.

Our students differentiate themselves in many ways. GNS is one of a very small number of schools in North America that is a member of both the prestigious Round Square and International Baccalaureate organizations. GNS graduates are scattered around the world, and they are a testament to the integrity of our values and programs. Our distinguished faculty and supportive parent body all contribute to making the GNS Senior School one of the best in Canada.

English as a second language (ESL)

ESL tutorial support is available for students who do not speak English as a first language. Transitional support is offered to students applying for Grades 8 and 9 and tutorial support is provided to students applying for Grades 10 to 12. Ideally applicants to Grades 10 to 12 have spent time studying in English in an English-speaking country. Students requiring ESL support will be assessed and the appropriate level of ESL support provided. Assessment tools include the Secondary Level of English Proficiency (SLEP) Test, Stanford Achievement (SAT) tests in Reading Comprehension, a written assignment, and an oral interview conducted in person or over the phone.

Fees including 7-day Family Boarding (2017 - 2018 prices)

CAN$ 43,750 Grade 6 to 8 Paid in full

CAN$ 45,420 Grade 9 to 12 Paid in full