LaSalle College, Vancouver, British Columbia


Located at the bottom of the west coastal mountains, LaSalle College Vancouver has welcomed students from around the world. With ten diploma programs, our students can choose design programs on-campus or online. Our goal is to provide excellence in training and to assist our students in achieving their career goals in a professional, stimulating, and friendly environment.

LaSalle College Vancouver is in a new campus since the Fall 2014 intake. From once an industrial warehouse district to today being one of hottest neighbourhoods, Yaletown is home to many of the city’s trendiest restaurants, hip shopping boutiques, quaint sidewalk cafes and celebrity rendezvous’.

Situated in the southeastern portion of Downtown, this waterfront community is home for many young professionals between 20 and 40, wealthy penthouse dwellers, families, and a growing number of empty-nesters. Locals in Yaletown are known to be very trendy, fashion forward, health conscious and culinary aficionados.

With the campus situated in Yaletown Vancouver, students can live Downtown or the surrounding areas and easily access the campus by public transportation. With a close proximity to shopping centres, cinemas and other public services, students can experience the high standard of living British Columbia is known for, and pursue their studies at LaSalle College International Vancouver!

Programs at LaSalle College, Vancouver

  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • 2D/3D Animation
  • Jewellery Design
  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design

If you are looking to harness your imagination and begin a stimulating career, we can provide you with the skills to take your talent to the next level. We strive to nurture the creative force in our students and prepare them to meet the needs of the industry. We are fully accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency of British Columbia. This designation gives assurance to students that high standards are met with regard to training facilities, instructor qualifications, curriculum, assessment processes and general operations.

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Study at LaSalle College Vancouver 2020 - 2021

2D/ 3D Animation

Do you like to draw, create characters and dream up imaginary worlds? If so, take your talent to the next level with the 2D/ 3D Animation Program! By sharpening your drawing skills, designing characters and exploring studio production, learn how to create your very own animated series.

Fashion Design

If you are passionate about fashion and full of creative & avant-guard ideas for your very own clothing collection, the Fashion Design Program will take your talent to the next level and provide you with the skills to succeed in such a riveting industry. Express your artistic talent through pattern & garment designs. Study the use of raw materials and analyze fashion trends.

CAN$ 99,000 Bachleor of Fashion Design (180 credits) 
CAN$ 49,500 Diploma in Fashion Design (90 credits)

Fashion Marketing

Fashion constitutes a multi-billion dollar industry and spans out across the four corners of the globe. If you are business-savvy, have a passion for fashion and a creative mind, the Fashion Merchandising Program will take your talent to the next level. From the local to the international arena, fashion merchandisers work for apparel retailers or wholesalers to develop, analyze and implement effective fashion marketing strategies.

CAN$ 49,500 Diploma in Fashion Marketing (90 credits)

Interior Design

Are you passionate about interior design? Do you have plenty of design concepts in mind when you look at a space?  If so, the Interior Design Program at LaSalle College will give you the skills to pursue a career as an interior designer! This program will take you from the basic principles and elements of design to full renderings in Photoshop, Illustrator and AutoCAD.

CAN$ 99,000 Bachelor of Applied Design (180 credits)
CAN$ 49,500 Diploma in Interior Design (90 credits)

Jewellery Design

Are you fascinated by the construction and composition of jewellery? Do you enjoy working with your hands and have an artistic edge? If so, our Jewellery Design Program will take your talent to the next level! Explore the art of metalworking and beading—one of the world’s most ancient art forms.

CAN$ 99,000 Bachelor of Applied Design (180 credits)
CAN$ 49,500 Diploma in Jewellery Design (90 credits)

Graphic Design

As the world evolves, so does the way we communicate. If you have imagination, a business-oriented mind and a passion for graphic design, take your talent to the next level with the Graphic Design Program. From graphic design software to video & audio editing, 2D animation, typography, photography, print and illustration, learn how to create digital media and convey powerful messages in a wide range of professional fields. 

CAN$ 99,000 Bachelor of Applied Design (180 credits)
CAN,500 Diploma in Graphic Design & Foundation for Design (90 credits)
CAN,500 Diploma in Visual & Game Programming (90 credits)
CAN$ 57,750 Diploma in Animation Art & Design (105 credits)

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