St Margaret’s School (all girls’ school), Victoria, British Columbia


Why SMS?

You will learn your way.

We know girls. We know how to spark their imaginations, cultivate their curiosity and raise their expectations of themselves. Our teachers have the flexibility to adapt how they teach to draw on girls’ strengths, capture their interest, and actively engage them in learning. We are focused entirely on the education, development and well-being of girls, and we are uniquely positioned to provide them with opportunities and experiences they simply won’t have anywhere else.

You will be known.

It’s a lot more than small class sizes. Learning at SMS is a highly personalized experience. It is simply not possible to get lost in the crowd here; our teachers know each girl and tailor learning experiences to individual interests and learning styles. Coursework is of value to each student, and worthy of her time and effort. This fosters genuine enthusiasm for learning and, as a result, greater academic success.

You will be part of a close community.

Our school includes girls from age three to eighteen on one campus. This mixed-age community offers tremendous opportunities for mentorship and cross-grade activities. Our students develop friendships and connections that span ages and grade levels; they learn the importance of cooperation, respect, and collaboration; and they genuinely care for and trust one another. It is a unique environment that fosters a strong sense of belonging and a supportive community of peers.

You will love it here.

Vancouver Island and the City of Victoria contribute greatly to the extraordinary learning environment at SMS. Our school is nestled in a safe, quiet neighbourhood, but is only minutes from downtown Victoria. Learning experiences extend well beyond our campus; our community is safe, our surroundings are beautiful, recreational activities are possible year-round, and world-class cultural and natural attractions are at our doorstep.

SMS Life

The student experience at SMS doesn’t end when the school day is over. Our school is a dynamic community with many experiences to be had outside of school hours. Whether you choose to get involved in school clubs or other extracurricular activities, represent SMS on an athletic team, volunteer at school and community events, or join in any number of residence activities, clubs or trips, life here will never be dull. Come with a desire to get involved in school life and a willingness to try something new and you will be rewarded with a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


SMS offers a Residence Program for students in Grades 7-12 and our campus is home to a vibrant community of girls from all over the world. Living where you learn is a fun and unique experience. So much can be learned from living and working with girls from other places and cultures. Throughout your time here, you will have the opportunity to try many new things, learn a lot about yourself, form life-long friendships and forge incredible memories.

One of the benefits of living on campus is the accessibility of extracurricular clubs and activities. Residence students are able to participate fully in school life and join a wide variety of school clubs, activities and athletic teams. Learn more about school clubs and activities. On campus, students can take yoga, fitness or dance classes; use the school gym for organized (or disorganized!) sports; enjoy movie nights and international dinners together; go walking, jogging or biking through the trail network surrounding our campus; and take part in a variety of activities organized through residence clubs. Sometimes activities are spontaneous opportunities; students and staff have organized Oscar parties, cook-offs and even camp-outs in our own back yard.

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Study at St Margaret’s
School (all girls’ school)

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Our academic program is supported by experiential programs that offer meaningful opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and see the value of what they learn in class. Learning this way is less fragmented and takes place authentically, through social, physical or academic exploration and trial and error. Students are able to see how subjects are interconnected and develop skills and attitudes that could never be taught in a classroom.

Our students gain a global perspective, both through their day-to-day classroom experience and through a variety of programs designed to explore and celebrate other cultures. They learn to be flexible and to adapt to different styles of working; they develop tolerance for differences, and friendships that span the globe; and they display a willingness to consider new perspectives and a degree of self-awareness that will be invaluable when they travel, study or work internationally in the future.

Our Senior School Program (Grades 7-12) is focused on preparing our students for life after SMS. Our hope is that time spent here will provide each girl with noble ambitions and huge dreams, and our goal is to help her leave with a plan to achieve them. The Senior School experience begins with a High School Prep Program designed to support students in Grades 7 and 8 as they transition into the secondary school environment. The Program provides students entering the Senior School with opportunities to explore their interests and develop a solid foundation of study and life skills that will prepare them for the rest of the Senior School Program and life beyond.

We recognize that learning occurs at different times and in different ways; our learning environment respects the diversity that exists amongst our students and supports the development of each girl. Our teachers consider the best approach for each student and address her learning needs together. We challenge each girl to improve her own performance, exceed her own expectations, and realize her own potential.

International English Language Program

SMS is home to a vibrant population of girls who join us from all over the world. Our International English Language (IEL) Program prepares students to graduate confident in the English language and to achieve success at universities and colleges in Canada, the US, and other parts of the world. Depending on their English ability, international students may begin the program in dedicated IEL classes (the Transition Program) or enter regular classes with IEL support classes (the Bridge Program).

Progress through the IEL Program is flexible and dependent on continued student achievement. Each student is provided with a level of support that matches her individual needs and abilities, and each student advances through the program at her own pace. IEL classes are taught by experienced English Language teachers who teach every subject from an IEL perspective. This means the challenge of learning English does not impede a student’s success in other subjects. IEL classes are designed to help students adapt to a Canadian classroom and develop learning strategies that prepare them to succeed in the regular classroom.

Boarding Student Fees  CAN$ 53,350 (2017 price) 

International English Language (IEL) Program Fees

CAN$ 9,900 Full IEL Program (3 or more IEL Courses)

CAN$ 2,500 August Orientation Program (required for all new students in the IEL Program)

One-time, Non-refundable Fees 

CAN$    225 Application Fee 

CAN$    550 Registration Fee (second and subsequent children receive a CAN$ 250 discount) 

CAN$ 1,500 Building Fee (second and subsequent children receive a CAN$ 1,000 discount) 

School fees cover costs directly related to the education of our students such as faculty, equipment, teaching supplies and field trips. The Building Fee covers the cost of the wear and tear of school buildings and associated repairs/improvements.  

Pocket Money (CAN$ 5,000)

A minimum deposit of CAN$ 5,000 /student is required for school uniform items, extracurricular activities, optional school trips, pocket money, etc. These funds will be deposited into the student’s school account. This amount will also cover the mandatory medical coverage (students from outside BC only) arranged for your daughter by the School. Additional funds may be required throughout the year, depending on your daughter’s level of participation in extracurricular activities. Any amount not used by your daughter will be refunded at the end of the school year or retained for the following school year.