Kings Edgehill School, Windsor, Nova Scotia


"King’s Edgehill School inspires academic, athletic and artistic excellence with a commitment to the traditional community ideals of gentleness and learning, dignity and respect, so that students may discover and cultivate their unique potential, prepare for post-secondary education and develop a life-long enthusiasm for the spiritual and intellectual growth necessary to flourish in the contemporary world."

There’s no simpler way to put it: at King's-Edgehill School we help students be more than even they thought possible. How do we do this? By creating a world-class environment that supports our students to see more, do more, create more, compete more and achieve more.

We know how much you’re capable of becoming. And it’s our job to create the kind of transformative environment that will inspire and support you to be the person you’ve always wanted to be, and live the life you’ve dreamed of leading. Life-lasting friendships, an outstanding supportive education and a vibrant extra-curricular life are all part of what you’ll discover here.

Founded in 1788, King’s-Edgehill is Canada's first independent School. An International Baccalaureate School since 1979, King's-Edgehill equips its students for university life around the globe, not only by developing academic rigour, but also by inspiring athletic and artistic excellence, strength of character and community leadership in a manner by which students know they are participating in "Personal" and not just "Private" education.

The KES experience has always been about creating an environment where promising students become responsible, well-rounded leaders. More than two centuries later, this commitment to our students and their families remains unwavering.

Sixty-five acres in the heart of one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces makes for an outstanding playing field, concert hall and laboratory, don’t you think? Located in Windsor, Nova Scotia, King’s-Edgehill School combines a scenic, small-town locale with world-class academic, athletic and extracurricular facilities

King’s-Edgehill School enjoys a culturally, ethnically, and socially diverse student body. International students bring an exciting dimension to our community. While the majority of our student body are from Canada, international students are important representatives of their individual countries and every culture is celebrated at King’s-Edgehill.

Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity for students. The primary goal of the International Programme is to help students from around the world prepare for top university options and to lead rich, meaningful lives. International students achieve fluency in English, gain a strong academic background and develop an understanding of North American culture. International students have unlimited opportunities to improve their English, and prepare for university at King’s-Edgehill from the moment they enter our campus.

While we annually attract international students from English-speaking countries such as the United States and the Caribbean, many international students who study at King’s-Edgehill School benefit from our extensive English as a Second Language (ESL) Programme.

New international students also benefit from attending the annual English as a Second Language Summer Camp. This camp is a wonderful opportunity for international students who are studying at King’s-Edgehill School for the first time to improve English, make friends and have fun as they adjust to a new culture and become familiar with King’s-Edgehill School. The camp includes daily English classes as well as a large variety of cultural activities, day trips and sports. The ESL Summer Camp begins in mid-August and runs until the start of the regular academic year.

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Study at King’s Edgehill School

If you’re going to spend the majority of your waking hours with us, we want to make the experience something you’ll never forget. At KES, school isn’t a place to fall asleep – it’s a place to come alive. Think small classes and a world-class education with teachers who will truly engage you. An athletic programme and facilities that support you to be as fit and competitive as you want to be. A vibrant arts and music programme where you can unleash your inner Yo-Yo Ma, or Jackson Pollock, or Margaret Atwood. International adventures that combine your passion for travel with an incredible volunteer experience.

At King’s-Edgehill School, small classrooms, committed, supportive teachers and a deeply-held commitment to the life-long impact of a sound academic rooting make for an outstanding and world-class education.

King’s-Edgehill School is comprised of a Junior School (Grades 7-9), a Senior School (Grades 10-12) as well as the opportunity to pursue the rigorous International Baccalaureate programme. We don’t simply educate the class – we educate the person. Streamed classes ensure students are challenged, encouraged and supported in a manner that suits their personal learning styles.

An excellent education must stimulate the mind – and provide students with the support they need to succeed. To accomplish this, we divide our students in the Junior School level into two streams – Academic and Honours.

Our Junior School Director uses a number of personalized factors to place students in the stream where they can be most successful. These factors include entrance tests, examination results, report card marks and other objective bench marks.

In the Senior School (Grades 10-12), students can opt for Honours' Courses by subject domains, a system known as 'setting' rather than 'streaming'. That a student has not been in the Honours' Class in the Junior School does not prevent him or her from attempting the enriched classes later. Determination of Honours' Classes rests very much upon student performance and teacher recommendation. Mobility, of course, is the essential factor so that if placement is proven to be misjudged, then the student can be moved to an appropriate class without loss of progress.

With the demands of the International Baccalaureate Programme, with which Honours' Courses are associated in the Senior School, students are advised to enter their advanced study groups (Honours' Courses) in Grade 10. This will allow students the optimum amount of IB preparation time and the opportunity to participate in the co-curricular programme, so important in engendering an all-round record of achievement in the competition for university placement.

Welcome to the Spafford Pool at King's-Edgehill School Lifeguard Courses

Bronze Medallion/Bronze Cross Combo course

King’s-Edgehill School is offering a lifesaving program that combines Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross. This course will teach the four components of water rescue: judgment, knowledge, skill and fitness along with an introduction to safe supervision in an aquatic setting. First aid and CPR are also taught as part of this course. Bronze Cross is a prerequisite to the National Lifeguard program. Prerequisites:14 years of age. Cost:CAN$ 160.00 includes training, course materials and exam fees

National Lifeguard and Standard First Aid/CPR/AED

King’s-Edgehill School is offering the National Lifeguard course in combination with a Standard First Aid which includes CPR and use of AEDs. This 48-hour course develops basic lifeguarding skills, principles, and techniques including the decision-making process to assist lifeguards evaluate and adapt to different facilities and emergencies.

Pre-requisites: Bronze Cross, 16 years of age by the exam and successful completion of SFA/CPR/AED

International Student fees 2020 - 2021 (payment plans available)

CAN$ 61,700 tuition fee including boarding
CAN$   1,060 School Uniform and athletic clothing

Payment in two or ten installments with pre-authorized debit or credit card or post-dated cheques

10% discount for second child studying at the school