Bodwell’s University Summer Programs, Vancouver, British Columbia


Since 1992, Bodwell’s University Summer Programs has been a leader in educational and exciting summer programs for youth ages 7-17. Participation in our programs is an unforgettable experience that participants come back to year after year. We utilize indoor and outdoor learning environments to create a truly unique Canadian educational experience. At Bodwell we like to stimulate the growth, development and creativity of our students and we know the inspiration will last a lifetime!

Application and payment deadline for all programmes: May 31, 2018

University Summer Programme at UBC (Celebrate Diversity)
Ages: 7 – 17    Duration: 2 to 5 Weeks    
CA$ 4,300 2 wks; CA$ 5,300 3 wks; CA$ 6,300 4 wks; CA$ 7,150 5 wks (2018 prices)

Campus: University of British Columbia    
City: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Dates: between July 8 - August 11, 2018 

In our Programs at UBC, we emphasize the development of a positive global perspective among young people. Students will learn that people of the world are today closely connected and must be kind to each other. They will experience firsthand how, in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural city like Vancouver, people with different backgrounds can live together with appreciation and kindness. Students will also experience in the Program relationships with peers and leaders from over 20 countries.


University Summer Programme: Tri Programme (Visit Victoria, Vancouver and Whistler)
Ages: 10 – 17    Duration: 4 or 5 Weeks    
CA$ 7,150 4 weeks; CA$ 8,100 5 weeks (2018 prices)
Campuses: University of British Columbia, University of Victoria & Resort Lodge
Cities: Vancouver, Victoria & Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Dates: July 8 - August 11, 201 

The Tri Program offers the best of Bodwell’s University Summer Programs. Visit three of the most memorable cities in British Columbia, Canada. Experience the highlights of all programs at UBC, UVic and in Whistler. Also learn by taking part in the three corresponding themes of Celebrate Diversity, Discover Nature, and Develop Leadership. Students of the Tri Program will be challenged in overall personal growth and development during their stay in Canada. The wide variety of class work, activities and outings will greatly increase the development of the student’s English skills.

University Summer Programme at UVIC (Discover Nature)
Ages: 10 – 17    Duration: 3 or 4 Weeks    
CA$ 4,950 2 weeks; CA$ 5,900 3 weeks; CA$ 6,900 4 weeks (2017 prices)
Campuses: University of British Columbia & University of Victoria
Cities: Vancouver & Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Dates: July 8 - August 11, 2018

The West Coast of Canada is rich with the beauty of nature, which excites and inspires our students. They are able to actively learn as they travel and explore alongside Bodwell’s experienced staff. Outings include whale watching on the Pacific Ocean and visiting natural habitats of plants and animals in the parks, forests, and shorelines around Victoria. In the Programs at UVic, students will develop an appreciation for nature and understand the importance of sustainability and protecting the environment.

Please see our free Global Leadership Training Program (19 years or older)

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