Pattison High School, Vancouver, British Columbia


Pattison High School is an independent high school that is accredited by the Ministry of Education of British Columbia. Pattison High School is a fully bonded institution which guarantees protection to students under the regulations of the Ministry of Education of BC. The school offers full secondary education: Grades 8 to 12 and university preparation programs. Students who fulfill the graduation program (Grades 10-12) receive a Dogwood diploma the high school diploma issued by the Ministry of Education. Students take the necessary English and required courses with electives to construct a course of study that best meets their personal interests and goals for university admission.

Pattison High School aims to inspire Canadian and International students to grow, learn, and reach their personal goals and to empower them with life-enriching experiences by delivering a quality secondary education that prepares them to achieve success and satisfaction in their lives.


Our school is proud to host an average of 10 to 14 different nationalities every semester. The main nationalities present at the school are: Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and Italy. And the mix of nationalities has been steadily increasing in the past few months. 

Extra Class Support
Our teachers are very approachable and ready to support student whenever they need. Besides, every Wednesday, students have access to one hour of tutorial sessions for free. They can choose the subjects they need support with and enjoy this extra free tutorial session. We can also help students to find extra support out of school through the collaboration of specialized schools / tutors.

The Pattison High School Homestay program is designed to promote friendship and language acquisition, and to provide the opportunity for cultural exchange between Canadian families and foreign students who attend High School. Living in a private home, sharing meals and recreational activities, goes far beyond the experience offered in the classroom. It has been proven that students learn English more quickly through the advantages that Homestay provide.

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Study at Pattison High School

Our “student centered” programs are designed to support individual learning styles to provide students with a rewarding educational experience that allows them to reach their full potential. At Pattison High School students are immersed in a high quality learning environment where students and teachers work together in a caring, vibrant learning community that fosters personal and intellectual growth. Our teachers, staff, counselors and administrators are professionals who are committed to understanding each student’s goals. We take pride in the knowledge that students leave Pattison High School with the confidence, skills and responsibility to make their mark in divergent academic pursuits.

We are located in downtown Vancouver. Our classes are small, with a student / teacher ratio of 15:1, which allows teachers to provide individualized attention. Students have access to bi-weekly development reports.

Pattison High School operates on a trimester system, with intakes in January, May and September. Students can choose to complete up to three terms and 12 courses per year. When completing the graduation program (Grades 10-12) they receive a Dogwood diploma, the high school diploma issued by the Ministry of Education. 

Our Certified Student Counselor creates an individual Graduation Plan for each and every student. The counsellor also provides comprehensive guidance to facilitate the college/university application process for those interested in pursuing higher education. Additional student services are available, such as after school tutorials and Provincial Exam Preparation. As a result of our commitment to provide the best opportunities for students’ success, Pattison’s graduates have an acceptance rate of 70% in top universities in Canada.

Some of the values that Pattison High School can offer to international students and their families:

  • Small Class Size: to provide a more comfortable environment and more personalized attention from teachers, classrooms accommodate no more than 15 students. 
  • Reports and Communication with Family: should any worries be raised by a teacher regarding a student, we strive to immediately report to agents and families. We also offer access to a bi-weekly report for free, where teachers will provide comments about the student’s development and suggestions for improvement. 
Fee Schedule 2017 - 2018

CAN$   8,160 one semester, excluding accommodation (see below)

CAN$ 15,720 two semesters, excluding accommodation (see below)

CAN$ 23,280 three semesters, excluding accommodation (see below)

The fee includes the application fee and the tuition fee, the activities and field trip fees, materials fee and book deposit.

Extra Cost

CAN$ 500 – 650 uniform

CAN$ 260 / 1 semester medical insurance

CAN$ 900 – 1,000 / month Homestay fee