Canadian College of English Language, Vancouver, British Columbia


Study English for fun, for University, for exam prep, or for work. Pathway to top colleges and universities across Canada without the need to pass TOEFL or IELTS. Eat, study, play, and sleep — immerse yourself in the English Language.

EAT: Eat at eh!, CCEL's very own on-campus restaurant.

STUDY: Use Smrt English, a new and exciting web-based curriculum used around the world.

PLAY: Enjoy playing sports, doing activities and exploring Vancouver's tourist attractions with other students.

SLEEP: Live in our student residence on Robson street, just a 15-minute walk to CCEL campus.

Located in the centre of downtown Vancouver, CCEL is on Alberni street alongside high-fashion retailers, top restaurants and famous hotels. Our campus includes classrooms, eh! restaurant, offices and a sunny rooftop patio. We also have an off-campus student residence within walking distance. 

Classrooms are located on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor, with offices on the 4th floor and a large rooftop garden on the 5th floor. Our modern classrooms, each equipped with high-speed internet, power stations for students' devices and a high-definition screen, are designed to facilitate student-centred learning. The rooftop patio is a great outdoor space where students can eat lunch and participate in several activities, such as summer BBQs, ping pong, yoga and dance lessons.

Student Residence

Many students choose to live in our student residence apartments in downtown Vancouver because it is a 15-minute walk to the college, and it is a great place to meet other students from around the world. The residence has fully-furnished single, shared and studio apartments. Students staying in our residence have an included meal plan on campus at eh! Restaurant. This includes breakfast and a hot or cold lunch from Monday to Friday. (Residence students must pre-pay 3+ months to receive free lunches.)

Study at the Canadian College
of English Language

Intensive English

The best way to learn English is to surround yourself in the language. At CCEL you will make life-long friends from around the world while being taught by the best teachers in Canada.

Length The length of the English Certificate program is flexible; it takes approximately 2 months to advance to the next level and there are 7 levels. After registering for this program, students will take a placement test to determine their entrance level. Most students study 12, 24, 36, or 48 weeks and then go on to take an English exam or enter a college or university.

English Levels There are 7 levels in the core curriculum, from English 110 to English 145. It takes approximately 2 months to complete each level.

University & College Pathways

After completion of the EAP pathway program students can enter several Canadian universities. Students do not have to write the TOEFL or IELTS exams.

Conditional Admission Students who have completed our University Pathway Program will meet the English language proficiency requirements; however, students must apply separately with all supporting academic documents for entry into our partnered universities. Canadian College of English Language staff will assist with this process. Some of our pathway partners accept students at lower levels–please ask one of our experts for details.

Business English

The Business English program is designed to develop students' speaking, presenting, writing, and reading skills. Canadian business case studies are used to help students learn about communicating in a business English environment.

Business English is an integrated curriculum designed for mature students looking to improve their English ability in a professional setting. Teachers have business related qualifications and experience working with professionals. Join a group of international professionals and improve you formal English.

2017 Fees Schedule for all courses

CAN$ 350 per week, 1 to 11 weeks Full Time (28 Lessons per week)
CAN$ 400 per week, 1 to 11 weeks Full Time Intensive (38 Lessons per week)
CAN$ 615 per week, 1 to 11 weeks Premium Intensive (28 Lessons + 5 hours of Private Lessons per week)
More than 11 weeks at a discount

CAN$ 210 per week Single Room/Shared Bath (2 meals/day, 3 meals/weekend)

For more information, please contact StudyCanada EU <- click for e-mail