Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario, Ontario


The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario welcomes students from around the world to come and enjoy a true Canadian experience. Our school board is located between the major cities of Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto and spans a very large geographical area with a diverse natural environment including forests, hills, rivers and lakes. 

The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario serves 10 secondary schools and boasts a reputation for academic excellence (English and French), student support, strong athletics programs, outstanding performing and visual arts, exceptional computer technology programs, specialized secondary learning opportunities and a Catholic commitment to social justice.

Our International Education Program offers global views and perspectives that enhance the education of students who have chosen to explore cultures and languages through education abroad. The International Student Program allows students from around the world to study and learn alongside Canadian students of the same age. The program encourages cultural awareness and international understanding by bringing students together and enabling them to experience similar social and academic opportunities.

International students can choose between multiple schools and are assisted in finding the best match for their educational needs and other interests. Students may attend for a short term of 3, 5 or 10 months, with an emphasis on English language acquisition and cultural experience, or they may participate in the program for more than one year, and work toward attaining an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

International Students are well supported during their stay with dedicated teachers, English as a Second Language support as required, and counselling support. Students will stay with caring homestay families that are well educated, English speaking, and be part of communities which are some of the safest in Canada. Eastern Ontario has very low ESL populations, so international students will learn English quickly in immersion environments.

Your home away from home 

The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario’s homestay program brings international students and Canadian families together to share their cultures with each other. Our staff members in partnership with Muskoka Language International take pride in their commitment to providing caring, reliable and trust-worthy homestay families for their visiting students and are dedicated to creating opportunities for homestay students and Canadian families to develop long-lasting friendships. Ensuring the personal well-being of our international students is a priority for us and is crucial to the academic success of students while studying abroad.

Being a part of a Canadian homestay family is an enriching experi-ence for an international student. Students will be living with an Eng-lish-speaking family. This will give them an opportunity to practice their English while learning about the Canadian lifestyle and culture. Overall, the student’s whole educational experience is enhanced and they will quickly grow in their English communication skills and learn about Canadian culture.

Study at the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirements include 30 credits (18 of which are compulsory courses), 40 hours of community involvement, and successful completion of the EQAO Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test or the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Courses.

Our Board has a long history of providing a wide array of programs to secondary students. There are many pathways to the future through various specialized programs for secondary students. The CDSBEO operates ten secondary schools, with two alternate program sites. We strive to meet the individual needs of each and every student, to promote a successful graduation outcome.

Program Details

Programs Offered: Full Year, 1 Semester and Short Term
Programs Offered in: English
Entrance Dates: September and February

School Details

High Schools for International Education: 8
Total International Students: 10
International Students Accepted for grades: 7-12

International Tuition fees for secondary Schools 2021 - 2022

CAN$   1,370 for one month
CAN$   6,850 for one semester
CAN$ 13,700 for one year
CAN$      250 application fee
CAN$      500 full year health insurance (50 per month)
CAN$      200 uniform
CAN$      165 Ottawa airport pick-up

Accommodation fees 2021 - 2022

CAN$     850 for one month + CAN$ 132,50 monthly custodianship fee
CAN$  4,250 for one semester + CAN$ 662,50 semester custodianship fee
CAN$  8,500 for one year + CAN$ 1,325 yearly custodianship fee
CAN$     375 accommodation placement fee

For more information on the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario, please write an e-mail to StudyCanada EU <- click for e-mail