Fulford Academy, Brockville, Ontario


Founded in 2002, Fulford Academy is a unique small boarding school for international students, grades 7 to 10. We offer Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum from an English as a Second Language perspective in a safe and structured family environment. Our students are well prepared linguistically, academically and culturally to apply and successfully transition into the top boarding schools in Canada and the USA.

Students complete academic programs of Middle School (grades 7 and 8) and High School (grades 9 and 10) in our state of the art learning environment. We focus on intensive ESL support and meeting the individual needs of each student. Our ESL Foundation Year program and Summer School are ideal first steps to learning English, and getting prepared for a boarding school and to study abroad.

Our Residential Life Program reflects student life in a traditional boarding school, with a focus on immersing the students in North American culture and the rules and regulations of a boarding school. We help our students to learn about boarding school expectations, including how to handle roommate issues, doing laundry, becoming more independent, and why and how to join sport teams and clubs. Learning how to be an active participant in school activities and volunteering in the local community are an essential part of integrating into a boarding school environment.

Dorm meetings

During our weekly dorm meetings, students have a chance to discuss any domestic issues, come up with new ideas for activities and special events, but also to learn important lessons drawn from our Residential Life Curriculum. Our Residential Life Curriculum teaches our students many important life skills including: Canadian culture, how to adapt to a new culture, how to make friends, resolving conflict, peer pressure, ways to resists and stop bullying, healthy nutrition, time management, online safety, and much more. Students learn these valuable skills through group discussions in dorm meetings, as well as evening and weekend activities, which involve application of their newly acquired knowledge.

Weekend activities

Fulford Academy offers students the opportunity to participate in cultural, recreational and sporting events that are offered in Brockville, nearby Ottawa and Kingston, as well as other destinations throughout Ontario and Quebec. On long weekends, we offer optional trips to places like Toronto, Niagara Falls, Montreal and Quebec City. While away, students can participate in activities like sightseeing, skiing, shopping, attending NHL hockey games, and swimming in crystal clears lakes and rivers.

On Campus, students can enjoy their free time with their friends playing games in the common rooms located throughout the school. The Great Hall is an ideal place to watch movies on the big screen, join in on a game of “Risk” or “Monopoly,” or to challenge another student to a game of chess or “Foosball.” The boys’ common room offers ping pong and computer games on the TV. The girls’ common room offers a very cozy environment for watching movies, socializing and engaging in other fun activities that allow the girls to practice their English together.

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Study at the Fulford Academy

Also see our Fulford Academy Summer School programme

Our academic program for students in grades 7 to 10 integrates learning the main subjects and English language. We start with the Ontario Ministry course objectives and enrich them with English language learning. This allows our international students to learn the grade appropriate curriculum, while continuing to improve and learn English language skills in preparation for future senior school studies at their next boarding school.

Students study in small classes of 6-12 students and are taught by our highly trained teachers, who are ESL certified and are members of the Ontario College of Teachers. Students receive the necessary support and attention in our state of the art learning environment. The use of technology helps us in facilitating individual instruction in our multi-level and varied language proficiency classrooms.

Our goals include both providing solid instruction in grade-level subject content and the effective development of English language proficiency.

ESL Foundation

Our ESL Foundation Program is a unique preparation program for English Second Language (ESL) students aged 11 to 17, which linguistically, academically and culturally prepares them for the demands of the Canadian educational environment. Students enroll in this program for one full year, with the goal of transferring into our Academic Program. After completing at least a year in our Academic Program, students are then well prepared to continue their studies at any of the top boarding schools in Canada and the USA.

Students in our program acquire strong skills in vocabulary acquisition, reading comprehension, listening, writing and pronunciation, through studies centered on math, science, social studies and English literature.

Our program embraces a content-rich, high-standards curriculum through which we prepare ESL students to become academically successful in their future learning, as well as familiar with the North American culture and social requirements. Students enrolled in this intensive language program follow the same daily schedule as our Academic Program students, with classes starting at 8:25am and ending at 4:30pm. Our students receive an additional two hours of supervised study hall (homework period) in the evenings, Sunday to Thursday.

Tuition and Boarding fees 2021 - 2022

CAN$ 58,380 Academic Programme, grades 9 and 10 full year
CAN$ 62,790 Academic Programme, grades 11 and 12 full year
CAN$ 62,790 Academic Programme, university preparation full year

CAN$ 31,530 Academic Programme, university preparation 1 semester

ESL Foundation Programme 2021 - 2022

CAN$ 58,380 (full year, 3 terms)
CAN$ 36,220 (Winter term entry, 2 terms)
CAN$ 18,110 (Fall or Spring term entry, 1 term)

Tuition, application fee, room and board, textbooks, workbooks, medical insurance, initial school supplies, a school tie and a school cardigan are included in the school fees.