Sprott Shaw College, Vancouver


Sprott Shaw is home to over 500 International Students coming from all over the world. We have International advisors with diverse backgrounds (China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, India, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Mexico, and more) who are here to lead all prospective and current international students through a smooth transition to Sprott Shaw and Canada.

Activities: Sprott Shaw offers a wide range of activities during and after class that are fun, interesting, and most of all educational experience for international students. Our teachers and staff encourage students to participate in various conversation and communicative activities, celebrations of international and Canadian holidays, student clubs, sport teams, alumni association, and tutoring/exchange programs.

Students are also encouraged to experience the wonderfully multi-cultural environment in Vancouver, the natural beauty and history of Victoria, the great outdoors and friendly people of Kamloops, and all of the great adventures throughout Canada.


Homestay: Canadians are famous for their kindness and welcoming attitude and this is exactly what students will receive when they are greeted by the members of their home stay family. We run a series of background and reference checks for host families in our database to ensure a perfect match between you and your family. 

Housing: Global Education City wants you to make yourself at home in one of their elegantly appointed luxury furnished apartment suites. Student housing suites start at 2 bedrooms, 800 square feet and are complete with glass showers and soaking tubs. Guest amenities also include a weight room, a sitting lounge with a large balcony, as well as weekly common area housekeeping and secured underground parking.

For more information, please contact StudyCanada EU <- click for e-mail

Study at Sprott Shaw College

We have college programs for you to suit your schedule; in fact there are over 100 college programs in 13 locations choose from. We offer accredited, relevant, respected college programs delivered in a modern way. Below are some of the programs we offer listed from A-Z by title.

CO-OP Programs

CAN$ 21,407.24 Business Administration Management with Co-op
CAN$ 11,989.32 Advanced Business Program
CAN$ 14,943.59 Business Administration Sales & Digital Marketing with Co-op
CAN$   6,987.41 Business Communication Management & Hospitality with Co-op
CAN$ 21,171.13 Post Graduate Diploma-Global Business Management with Co-op
CAN$ 29,537.23 Global Marketing Management with Co-op
CAN$ 11,286.08 Hospitality Management 1 with Co-op
CAN$ 21,289.91 Hospitality Management 2 with Co-op
CAN$ 16,882.54 Tourism / Hospitality Management Co-op
CAN$ 23,301.16 Tourism / Hospitality Management & Business
Administration Principles Accelerated with Co-op

Diploma & Certificate Programs

CAN$ 25,901.55 Business Administration
CAN$ 14,341.45 Business Administration Bookkeeping
CAN$ 15,341.45 Business Administration Bookkeeping with Practicum
CAN$   5,310.56 Business Communication Management
CAN$   7,761.23 Business Fundamentals
CAN$ 11,709.69 International Trade
CAN$ 12,709.69 International Trade with Practicum
CAN$ 23,734.86 International Trade and Business Management
CAN$ 24,734.86 International Trade and Business Management with Practicum

Tourism & Hospitality Programs

CAN$ 14,046.70 International Hotel Management
CAN$ 20,465.32 International Hotel Management & Business
Administration Principles Accelerated

Health Care Programs

CAN$ 13,043.84 Veterinary Office Assistant
CAN$ 20,767.08 Community Support Worker - Social Services
CAN$ 13,051.28 Health Care Assistant
CAN$ 14,218.06 Medical Office Administrator
CAN$ 15,218.06 Medical Office Administrator with Practicum
CAN$ 18,967.04 Medical Office Administrator Health Unit Clerk
CAN$ 14,177.10 Pharmacy Assistant
CAN$ 15,177.10 Pharmacy Assistant with Practicum
CAN$ 38,110.88 Practical Nursing
CAN$ 30,530.38 Practical Nursing Access
CAN$ 16,529.41 Post Graduate Certificate in Nursing Administration & Practice with Co-op