Mountain View School Division, Manitoba


Mountain View School Division is a geographically large rural school division located in the heart of the Manitoba prairies. Here one can find pristine lakes; cool, refreshing streams; rolling grasslands; and sprawling forests. The division is nestled between two prairie mountain ranges – the Riding Mountains to the south and the Duck Mountains to the north.

We take great pride in offering high quality educational programming within a safe, caring environment at each of our sixteen schools. International students have a variety of options to choose from: to study and receive credit for courses taken; to graduate with a Grade 12 Diploma; or to participate in a short-term cultural and language development program. To ensure international students integrate successfully into regular classes, the Division offers various supports such as English as an additional Language, access to school counsellors, and program staff who remain closely connected with students, schools and homestay families. Students may complement their academic studies with a variety of school- and community-based activities. To fully experience family life in Canada and become immersed in the English language, many students choose to live with one of our carefully selected homestay families.

Mountain View School Division has a diverse and complex public education system with an annual enrolment of approximately 3,250 students. The division provides Kindergarten to Grade 12 educational programming in sixteen schools located in seven separate communities: Dauphin, Roblin, Winnipegosis, Grandview, Gilbert Plains, Ethelbert, and Ochre River. Due to the large geographical nature of the division approximately 50% of our students are transported on division buses, to their local community school.

Mountain View School Division has five Kindergarten to Grade 6 schools, four Kindergarten to Grade 8 schools, two Kindergarten to Grade 12 schools, one Grade 7 and Grade 8 school, and four Grade 9 to Grade 12 schools. The largest high school, Dauphin Regional Comprehensive Secondary School, offers a full slate of academic and vocational programs. French immersion and Ukrainian bilingual programs are offered at the Kindergarten – Grade 8 level.

Each secondary and middle school has an extensive extra-curricular program where students can participate in a variety of activities, and divisional tournaments are held throughout the year to highlight the sports program. To complement the athletics program, fine arts and music programs are offered throughout the division.

Mountain View School Division ensures that a high-quality accommodation is arranged in close proximity to school, and that all homestay families undergo a homestay orientation, training, Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry Check. Mountain View School Division International Student Program will strive to meet the individual needs of students when placing students.

Homestay fees include:

  • Placement with an appropriate homestay family
  • Three meals a day
  • Bedroom with storage and place to study
  • Homestay Manager monitoring of accommodation
  • Access to telephone
  • Access to internet
  • Access to laundry facilities

The homestay fee does not cover any extra-curricular school costs. Homestay families are expected to include the international student when they participate in local family outings and cover their expenses. Each international student will be provided with a key to their home and contact information for their homestay parents during working hours.

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Study at Mountain View School Division

Mountain View School Division International Student Program gives students from outside of Canada the opportunity to study at a local school; to graduate with a Grade 12 Diploma; or to participate in a short-term cultural and academic integration program. The International Student Program offers programming for students in Grades 5-12 wishing to study in Canada for a short-term (3 months), for a longer term (5 months and greater), or a short-term orientation program of 4 weeks.

Long Term Program

The long-term program is a single semester (September – January or February – June), or a full school year (September to June). International students are integrated into regular classes with local students and are able to gain credit for courses completed. The student may choose a program that leads to graduation with a Manitoba high school diploma. For those students requiring language assistance, our English as an additional language program, combined with special tutorial assistance, helps prepare students for academic studies in fully integrated classes.

Short Term Program

The short-term program is a three month program designed to introduce international students to Canadian classrooms and to Canadian culture. The program focuses on language development and cultural awareness.

High Schools with Mountain View School Division

Dauphin Regional Comprehensive Secondary School, Dauphin

Gilbert Plains Collegiate, Gilbert Plains

Goose Lake High School, Robli

Winnipegosis Collegiate, Winnipegosi

Tuition Fee

CAN$      100 Application fee

CAN$ 18,000 Long term fee (10 months) including homestay

CAN$   9,000 Short term fee (5 months) including homestay

CAN$   1,750 Explorer Program (4 weeks)

CAN$        60 per month Health insurance