St. Johns-Ravenscourt School, Winnipeg, Manitoba


Founded in 1820, St. John's-Ravenscourt School is a university-preparatory school for boys and girls. We offer a day program for students in Grades K – 12 and boarding for students in Grades 8 – 12. Within an enviable environment of smaller class sizes with a low student/teacher ratio, SJR’s faculty and staff successfully encourage the development of social, emotional, physical and academic skills, as well as promoting independence, decision-making abilities and a positive self-concept.

In the SJR community emphasis is placed on community values, generosity, respect and the understanding of others; these values are interwoven throughout the development of intellectual and scholastic pursuits. As one of Canada's leading independent schools, SJR has a consistent record of achievement. To date, SJR 's debating and public speaking program has an unprecedented record of wins at 14 out of 25 World Championships. We have produced 18 Rhodes scholars and numerous athletes who have competed at national and international levels, including the Olympics. Our graduates receive top scholarships and go on to study in prestigious universities around the world. 

SJR embodies the spirit of achievement it fosters in its students, having triumphed over nature and adversity, and remains one of Canada’s leading independent university-preparatory schools. This is a history and tradition of which we are proud. St. John's-Ravenscourt School occupies a beautiful 23 acre campus nestled in a bend of the Red River in south Winnipeg. Our expansive riverside campus features a long list of amenities including various sports fields, beach volleyball court, children's play structures, basketball practice courts, an outdoor classroom, riverside walk with park benches, a single as well as a double gymnasium with climbing wall, an indoor international size hockey arena and a fitness centre.

St. John's-Ravenscourt School's boarding program offers a home away from home for students for students from across Canada and around the world. With a ratio of one resident staff for every four boarders, the program provides a tightly knit, family-like environment. Boarding at SJR is open to both boys and girls in Grades 8 – 12. Students find our facilities offer a welcoming atmosphere with comfortable rooms and plenty of communal areas. 

The girls’ area is located in the historic Thomson House, a lovely home that gives them their own space within the School. The boys stay in Burman and the recently upgraded Riverside residence, which offers lots of shared space as well as light-filled common areas. Students eat in the dining hall alongside the day students. Meals are prepared with a view to maximum nutrition, high quality ingredients and above all, great taste!

Living in boarding offers an experience like no other—our program teaches independence, builds self-esteem, and provides a fun, active environment where character development and academic performance can thrive. Boarding at SJR uniquely prepares students, not only for university, but also for life well beyond academics.

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Study at St. John's-Ravenscourt School

Middle School

In the Middle School, we attempt to enact the mission statement of St. John’s-Ravenscourt School both programmatically and personally. It is the mission of the administration and faculty “to provide a respectful learning community for our students that inspires academic excellence, creative expression, active healthy living and social responsibility in order to develop compassionate and confident individuals.” Every attempt is made to provide a program and to establish expectations that are commensurate with the experience, needs and potential of young adolescents, while building on the educational activities of elementary schooling, and preparing students for the more specialized subject disciplines and the credit system in high school.

The Middle School academic curriculum is the basis for a balanced and challenging program. Our approach to teaching and curriculum design is based on the belief that learning is not only a body of information, but also a process and a mode of inquiry, and that classrooms are learning communities that foster understanding, mutual respect and civility. Through an integrated curriculum, we seek to help students make connections between different bodies of knowledge and perspectives, and to begin to distinguish their own strengths and interests as scholars and individuals.

The implicit curriculum, as at all levels in SJR, is comprised of high expectations for all, a friendly and collaborative approach to others, and a sense of purpose and pride in oneself. The SJR Middle School community is committed to fostering academic and personal growth; students, teachers, administrators and parents collaborate to ensure and to enhance learning. Ultimately, all members of the community share a common goal: academic and personal success for each student in the Middle School.

Senior School

At SJR, our senior students bring the full weight of their academic, social, emotional, and physical growth into a stimulating Senior School environment. Senior School students can tackle the challenges of Advanced Placement courses, participate in sports, take on significant community projects and become immersed in a dizzying array of co-curricular and leadership opportunities.

Students emerge from SJR prepared not only for post-secondary education, but for life. With 100% placement in top universities and colleges around the world and 98% acceptance at the university/program of first choice, an alumni family that boasts 18 Rhodes Scholars, and countless leaders in a multitude of fields, you can have confidence that students graduating from SJR will have the tools they need for success.

As they move on in their lives and careers, our goal is for SJR graduates to know success on every level—not only in their chosen professional pursuits, but in their lives, as individuals who constantly seek to learn, to fulfill their potential as human beings, and to be responsible, caring members of a community.

Fee Schedule 2016

CAN$ 49,440 Boarding Students (Grades 8 - 12)

Additional Expenses

The tuition fee does not include:

  • Additional boarding costs (i.e. long distance charges, taxis, drug store purchases, etc.) including charges relating to building repair, maintenance and housekeeping incurred as a direct result of student misconduct or neglect
  • Additional costs relating to services and/or equipment outlined in an SJR Adapted Education Plan, should one be required, as per an SJR Student Services Supplemental Support Agreement which would be appended to the contract as required.
  • Classroom supplies for Middle and Senior School students
  • Hockey registration fee for co-curricular hockey teams (team specific)
  • Optional courses and activities such as drivers’ education, self-defence courses, etc.
  • Optional activities on Junior or Middle School Activity days
  • Private music lessons
  • Personal electronic device meeting the specifications of the School's 1-to-1 technology program
  • School uniforms, team uniforms & required physical education equipment
  • Soccer registration fee for co-curricular soccer teams (team specific)
  • Special optional trips by athletic teams, debating teams, or other groups, including ski trips and outdoor education activities
  • Tournament, band and choir trips: travel, food, and accommodations 
  • Weekly and extra allowances distributed to boarding students 
  • Yearbook