Tamwood’s English school, Vancouver, British Columbia


There are three English schools in Canada to choose from - Vancouver, Toronto and Whistler. Whether you need better English language skills for your career, for university or for travel, you will find the English courses you need if you study at Tamwood's English schools in Vancouver, Toronto and Whistler.

Learn English at Tamwood’s English school in Vancouver. Tamwood's Vancouver English centre is a medium-sized serious school for adult language students, with very high standards and a personal approach. Courses include Intensive and Semi-Intensive English, Internship Program, Business English, Cambridge FCE Exam preparation and TOEFL Preparation Program.Vancouver Canada Known as one of the world’s most beautiful and vibrant cities, Vancouver is Canada’s third largest city and has a population of over 2 million people, making it a great place to study English, do an internship / work program, and have fun!. Situated on the west coast of Canada, Vancouver is located two hours by ferry from Victoria, three hours by car from Seattle, Washington and two hours by car from Whistler Resort. Vancouver is a modern and safe city offering international students stunning mountain and ocean scenery and a vast array of outdoor and entertainment options, events, attractions and services.

Are you ready for a real Canadian work and travel adventure? GO International has exciting job programs in tourism, retail, food and beverage, ski resorts all over Canada. Many of the jobs we offer are in Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Whistler, Banff, Lake Louise and selective French speaking cities.

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Learn English by studying with qualified, native speaking English instructors. Small English classes and a good international mix of students means you will learn English quickly when you study English in Canada at Tamwood. You can study English in Canada at Tamwood International College in Vancouver, Toronto or in Whistler. Tamwood specializes in English language programs for adults.

General English

Tamwood General English program can be taken for 2, 4, 5 or 6 hours a day allowing students to choose a schedule that suits their specific learning needs and goals. In the General English programs, students learn grammar, conversation, writing, reading, listening and pronunciation through a variety of classes and special language workshops.

Business English

The International Business English course is designed to give students the English skills they need to work effectively in today's global market place. English skills and vocabulary are developed through exercises, case studies, role plays and research on business topics including: I.T., finance, accounting, marketing, advertising, sales, negotiation, business practices, and cultural comparisons in business operations and structure.

Academic Pathway Programme

Study in the Tamwood Academic Pathway Program and secure conditional admission into one of our partner universities or colleges, or use this program to improve your IELTS score and academic English skills for admission to other post secondary institutions.

This program prepares students for North American post-secondary education and teaches advanced oral and written English skills. Students learn academic research and presentation skills, to write university essays of 1000+ words, strategies for teamwork in group projects, critical thinking, time management, study and note taking skills, exam techniques, and IELTS preparation and practice.

Tamwood Academic Pathway Program consists of 2 levels:

English for Academic Purposes level 1 (EAP 1)
12 weeks - 25 lessons/ week - successful graduates can achieve an IELTS score of 6.0 or higher and can progress to EAP 2 or directly into specific university/college programs.

English for Academic Purposes level 2 (EAP 2)
12 weeks - 25 lessons/week - successful graduates achieve an IELTS 6.5 or higher and pathway into a university or college program.

Tuition Fees 2017
CAN$    375- 460 per week* 20 hours General English
CAN$    450 - 470 per week* Business English 25 hours per week
CAN$ 1,880 4 weeks Academic Pathway Programme
CAN$    150 Registration fee
CAN$    250 per week Homestay with 3 meals a day
* depending on the city